The Mama Natural Guide for Pregnancy and Childbirth

The Mama Natural Guide for Pregnancy and Childbirth

What is the Mama Natural?

A woman’s body is her own, but she needs help from others to survive. A mother’s womb provides nourishment and protection for her growing baby during pregnancy. She must take care of herself so that she can provide the best environment possible for her developing child. For most women, it takes between nine months and two years before they are ready to have children. During this time, the mother’s body changes into its final form: that of a woman. Her uterus becomes enlarged, and her pelvis grows wider to accommodate the growing fetus inside her. At this point, a woman’s life begins to change dramatically.

For many women, their bodies begin to break down within days after conception. They experience fatigue, nausea, vomiting, headaches and other symptoms. These symptoms may be caused by several things including hormonal imbalances or even cancerous tumors in the ovaries or fallopian tubes.

Some women never get past these early stages of pregnancy; some die while still in the first trimester due to complications such as preterm labor or hemorrhage. A woman’s body is not ready to carry a child. It never will be. A woman’s body is wonderful, but it was not designed for pregnancy.

After the first trimester, a woman is able to carry her baby to viability. Her body starts to produce the hormones needed to sustain the fetus, and she may feel better than she did in the early stages of her pregnancy. Many women begin to feel more like themselves as morning sickness passes and energy levels begin to rise.

During the second trimester, a woman’s body begins to produce additional hormones known to increase libido. She may experience bouts of extreme horniness and may have strange cravings for certain foods.

Even though a woman’s body is providing excellent conditions for her baby to develop, it is still not ready for childbirth. There are still many complications that can arise which may result in serious or even fatal injuries. A miscarriage is common and many women will miscarry at some point during their pregnancies.

Many women die while giving birth, from hemorrhage, infection, or organ failure. Childbirth is a very dangerous process for a woman and her body was not designed for it.

While many women feel energetic and healthy during their pregnancies, some do not. Some women struggle with nausea their entire pregnancies, while others are unable to hold down any food at all. Some women experience extreme fatigue and never feel fully awake, even after sleeping for extended periods of time.

Others suffer from pain, both physical and mental, as their bodies work in overdrive to sustain the lives inside them.

During the final weeks of a woman’s pregnancy, she will begin preparing for her birth. She may attend childbirth classes in order to become familiar with the process. If she doesn’t have a partner, or her partner is not involved in the birth, she may seek the guidance of a midwife or other birth attendant.

Doulas are birth companions who help the mother relax and provide emotional support during labor.

After the baby is born, the mother’s body begins the process of closing the vaginal opening and returning hormones to their pre-birth state. This can take several weeks and in some cases months. In some instances a C-section will be performed so that the woman does not damage her womb attempting to push the baby out.

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Whether the vaginal birth is successful or not, the woman’s body will go through labor and birth, never once designed to do so. Most women recover from childbirth, but for some it is simply too much. Whether it comes in the form of physical damage such as severe hemorrhage or organ failure or emotional trauma, some women just aren’t meant to give life.

Some pregnant women don’t even realize that they are carrying more than one child.

The only thing that a woman’s body was designed for is child birth. That’s it. And this is one of the most important things a woman will ever do in her life.

Giving life. Some women are able to do this, and they’re able to do this for a long time, provided they take proper care of their bodies.

But, no matter how well a woman takes care of herself, her body will eventually stop being able to sustain a pregnancy. Whether this means a woman will have to adopt, become a foster parent, or remain childless, her body was not designed for reproduction.

We are living in a time where women’s bodies are being forced to perform far beyond their natural purpose. Whether it is through weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, or the effects of menopause, a woman’s body is not designed to go through these changes.

Our bodies were not designed for reproduction.

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