The Most Memorable Fitness Swindles of the Last 30 Years

The Most Memorable Fitness Swindles of the Last 30 Years:

1) Muscle Media 2000 Bench Press Routine

In the 1980’s, there was a popular exercise program called “Muscle Media” which consisted of several exercises performed with weights. One of these exercises was the bench press.

There were many variations of this exercise routine but they all had one thing in common – it involved performing multiple repetitions at varying weight.

It was believed that if you repeated the same movement over and over again, your strength would increase. However, this was not true.

You could do a single repetition of any exercise and still get stronger than someone who did not perform repetitions.

So what happened? What caused so many people to believe that they got stronger when in fact their muscles didn’t grow at all?

There are two theories: either the people doing the workouts were incompetent or they were being sold something!

In the early days of bodybuilding magazines, there were some very good ones like Muscle & Fitness. These magazines often featured routines that looked impressive and promised results.

They advertised themselves as being able to give you a physique similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (who was considered the greatest bodybuilder of all time). Many people bought them because they thought that they were going to get ripped. Unfortunately, most of those people never achieved their goals due to the fact that they weren’t following proper training methods. They kept on believing that the routines were correct because they looked impressive.

In actuality, these routines did not work and if anything it actually hindered your muscle growth. They were misleading and if you were to follow them as they are written then you would never achieve your goals.

This is what actually happened in the early days of bodybuilding magazines.

On top of that, supplement industry was relatively new and there were no strict regulations put in place to ensure quality. Companies could say anything they wanted on their labels and the products didn’t need to be accurately dosed.

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If you were to take some of these old school supplements, you might not even get any results. Some of them might actually be harmful to your health.

But times have changed. These days, natural muscle building has become much more popular and it continues to grow each year.

We have much more information about building muscle and getting ripped. These tips come from real science and not misleading advertisements (most of the time at least).

2) Car Audio Subwoofers

In the early days of car audio sound systems, car manufacturers equipped their vehicles with mediocre subwoofers that were barely suitable for listening to music. If you were listening to something like the bass line in music, it wouldn’t be very clear.

If you were listening to something with a lot of bass, it would rattle and distort the sound. As a result, people bought aftermarket subwoofers in order to improve the quality of their car’s audio system.

These aftermarket subwoofers came in different sizes and each one claimed that it was the best choice for your particular vehicle. Unfortunately, you couldn’t just choose one subwoofer and be done with it.

You had to do a little research about which subwoofer was right for your sound system. Even then, you were still making a gamble because each vehicle is different and you never know how each subwoofer was going to sound until you tried it out.

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It’s very difficult to choose the “best” subwoofer for your car.

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