The Myth of Flexibility and Yoga

Yoga myths and misconceptions: What are they?

Myth 1: You have to practice yoga for flexibility.

Fact: There is no such thing as “flexibility” in yoga. If you want to get flexible, then do some other exercise or activity which requires your full attention.

Myth 2: You need to stretch before doing any physical exercise.

Fact: Stretch before you start exercising. But if you really feel pain when stretching, then it means that you don’t have enough flexibility. So, make sure to stretch regularly and use proper technique while doing so.

Myth 3: You need to warm up before doing any physical exercise.

Fact: Warm up before any physical activity because it helps your body to become more efficient at working out without hurting yourself too much during the workout itself.

Myth 4: You must perform certain postures in order to achieve maximum benefit from yoga.

Fact: Postures are not required for achieving maximum benefit from yoga. However, some pose may help you in achieving your goals faster than others. For example, pranayama (breathing exercises) will help you in getting rid of stress and tension better than other postures like vinyasa (step by step).

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Myth 5: You must have a specialized knowledge of the human anatomy in order to practice yoga.

Fact: You don’t have to know everything about the human body in order to practice yoga, but it will surely help you in getting more out of your experience. It’s always good to gain knowledge from different fields. One of these areas is medicine.

So read up on some anatomy and physiology books before starting to practice asanas.

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