The Outlaw Experience: A Weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp

The Outlaw Experience: A Weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp

A weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp (Olympic) was one of my dreams since I was little. My parents were always encouraging me to try out for a camp like this. I remember going to camps when I was younger. However, I never really got into it until last year. When I heard about the OE, I knew right away that this would be the best opportunity for me to get better at lifting weights and have fun while doing so!

I had no idea what to expect from the camp itself, but after hearing some of the stories from other participants, they sounded pretty awesome! I mean there are all these guys who lift heavy things around and compete against each other. Sounds like something I’d love to do!

When I arrived at the camp, it looked exactly how everyone described it. There were a bunch of tents with people hanging out in them talking about their lives or playing cards or whatever else they could think of. Everyone seemed very friendly though, which made me feel even more comfortable coming here.

As I was unpacking my things, a lady came by and asked me if I had any experience with lifting before. I told her that I actually just got into it recently, but that I’m always down to learn new things! She told me that she was one of the coaches there and that she would love to take me under her wing to teach me a few things while I was here.

I’m very excited for tomorrow! I get my first chance to lift some heavy weights and see what I’m made of! Wish me luck.

The Outlaw Experience: A Weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp

My first day of the camp was a blast! I got to see some of the more experienced lifters and how they do things. I also got to see some of the other beginners like myself. Everyone is super nice and there to have a good time lifting weights and learning new skills.

So far I’ve learned how to do a proper squat. It’s way harder than it looks, but the power you feel when you complete one is totally worth it! I’ve learned how to do a few different types of presses as well. My favorites are still the bench press and overhead press, but the camp has many different types of equipment that I want to try out during my stay here.

I was super nervous at first, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other people who had more experience. However, all of my worries were washed away as soon as I got some advice from one of the other coaches. He told me that it takes a lot of practice and dedication in order to improve your skills, but as long as I work hard at it every day, I’ll get there eventually.

The Outlaw Experience: A Weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp - gym fit workout

I can’t wait to start practicing my new skills! I’ll write again once I’m able to do a proper squat with the proper form. Wish me luck!

The Outlaw Experience: A Weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp

As promised, I am writing to you today about how my experience was at the camp. It was an amazing three days and I learned so much about lifting that I feel like a whole new person.

The camp was held at the house of one of the OO coaches. It wasn’t too big, but I suppose it didn’t need to be since we weren’t there to lounge around or anything. The first floor had two bathrooms (one with a bathtub), a kitchen, living room, den, and access to the backyard. The second floor had three bedrooms, one master bedroom and a bigger bathroom. The third floor was a mini-flat that could hold at least five people if they didn’t mind being cramped (which we didn’t since we were always bumping into each other anyway).

When we got there, we all started unpacking our things and getting settled in. Most of the people there were around my age, but there were some that were older and a few that looked to be in their early twenties. Everyone was super friendly and very open. I felt as if I had known them all for years rather than just a few hours.

Once we were all settled in, we went down to the den to meet the coaches in person. There were only three of them (plus their boss who just drops by every once in a while), but they each coached an Olympic event: The deadlift, the bench press, and the squat. The head coach for the group is a guy named Steve. He oversees everything that goes on and makes sure that each coach is doing their job right. The bench press coach is a guy named Matt who used to compete when he was younger and still holds the record for most reps with 350 at 175 pounds.

The deadlift coach is a woman named Lisa who also used to compete. Her records for most deadlifts with 500 pounds is also still unbeaten. The squat coach is a guy named Bill. He’s the one who taught me the most and knows the most about proper form.

The first thing we did was take progress pictures of everyone there. We would take another set after three days just to see how much we improved. Then, we got started. I learned that they had already divided everyone up into different groups based on experience and goals. I was in the group with the most experience, but I still didn’t have that much to compare to the others.

The first day was all about learning the proper form for each of the big three. We would only get to practice these on the second day, so they made sure we knew exactly what we were doing. The bench press was first, so we took turns lying on the bench and lifting a relatively light weight just to get used to moving our body. Once we were all comfortable with that, we moved on to the bar. The weight they gave us was a little heavier, but since we were used to lifting it, it wasn’t a problem.

I learned that my weak point in bench pressing was cramping. I couldn’t grip the bar as well using just my hands so I needed to squeeze the crap out of the bar to stop my hands from sliding. I also learned that I could arch my back a little bit more to really get the most out of my chest muscles.

Next was the deadlift. I was a little slow at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. Steve showed me how my form for this already helped me out with benching. With deadlifting, you actually want to think about hunching down rather than bending at the knees. It puts more strain on the right muscles.

The last exercise was the squat. It took a lot of concentration to get the form right and I had to readjust a few times, but overall I got it right away.

The Outlaw Experience: A Weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp - gym fit workout

Overall, it was a pretty easy first day. I didn’t realize how much these exercises were helping me out until we took our first break. I felt that nice little burn you get when you know you’re growing. It made me feel really good knowing that I was helping my body out and I had something to show for it. I could actually feel my muscles getting more defined.

We took a lunch break before our second session and I met a few of the other guys there. Everyone was really nice. The only person I didn’t talk to much was this one guy, Jeff. He sat by himself reading a book and never really spoke to anyone. I’m sure he was nice, but his appearance was a little bit off-putting.

He had a shaved head, a neck that was about three times the size of mine, and arms that were as big around as my legs. Not fat, but pure muscle. I don’t know why, but he gave me the heebie-jeebies.

I ate with John and Steve and a few of the others and we all talked about how our first day was going. They both told me that I got very lucky with my partners and that the last group didn’t fare as well. Apparently, there were a couple of strong guys in that group and they got into an argument over form. One of them wanted to use a heavier weight as an excuse for bad form, while the other wanted to maintain good form with light weight. They never did agree on anything and their session lasted three hours instead of the scheduled one.

So, are you coming back?”

Steve asked.

“I don’t see why not. I really like it here.”

“Sweet, another follower,” Steve said.

“Dude, you’re the one that begged me to come in the first place. Don’t act like I’m forcing you to do anything.”

“Nah, if you decided to leave, I’d go with you. I’m pretty attached to my limbs right now. Maybe when I’m older and can’t get a hard-on anymore, I’ll just settle down here, but for now I’m going to enjoy my youth. You should join a sport or something, then we’d both have an extracurricular. You could play basketball.

You’re tall enough.”

“I was always a little short for basketball.”

Are you sure?

Your dad wasn’t really that tall. He was probably around 5’8″. That means you got that part of him.”

The Outlaw Experience: A Weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp - | Gym Fit Workout

“Yeah, but my mom is tall. She’s like 5’11”. Maybe I just got that part of her. I dunno, I don’t really think about it.”

“Actually, I think I read somewhere that testosterone affects your growth while you’re still in the womb. So, basically your mom’s genes are what caused you to be tall. Well, that and your dad had those genes too, so he must have been tall as well. It’s just a shame he died before he got to see you grow up.”

“Yeah, it sucks. He was killed when I was younger. Car crash. The police said he was drunk at the time but it wasn’t true. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“That’s pretty crappy. I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It is what it is. When my mom told me and my sister, she told us he had a heart attack, before telling us the truth, so I didn’t even find out until years later.”

Wait? You have a sister?

I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah, Carla. She’s a couple years younger than me. She’s in North Carolina at college right now.”

“You must be close to her.”

“I am. I talk to her almost every day. She’s the only family I have left. It’s just us two since our parents are gone. We have an aunt on mom’s side, but she was never really around much.”

The Outlaw Experience: A Weekend at the Outlaw Olympic Lifting Specialty Camp - | Gym Fit Workout

“That’s good that you’re close. Family is important.”

“Indeed it is,” Mr. Reynold’s says walking in and clapping Steve on the shoulder, “Steve, you’re up. Nice job today, kid. You learned quick.”

“Thanks,” Steve says, “I try to pay attention.

“I can tell. See you later, Steve.”

“Bye Mr. Reynold’s,” Steve says before leaving.

Who was that?”

you ask.

“New guy. Same as you.”

“He’s a little older than me.”


I would have thought he was about your age. Oh well, age is just a number.

So, are you ready for your session?”

You nod and follow him to the therapy room.

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