The Pros and Cons of the Incline Press

The Incline Press Machine: Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits of incline press:

Inclines are better for building size because they develop strength at a faster rate than flat benches. They also provide greater stability and support. These benefits make them good choices for those looking to build muscle mass quickly.

They allow you to lift heavier weights, which means you will have more energy left over to train other body parts.

Inclines are easier to use compared with flat benches. You don’t need to bend your knees when using them.

Incline presses are less likely to cause injury since you won’t be bending down while doing it. However, if you do get injured, then rest assured that there’s always a doctor nearby who can fix your problem! (If you’re not sure how long it’ll take before getting back into training after surgery, consult a physical therapist! )

Drawbacks of incline press:

Inclines aren’t ideal for those who suffer from shoulder problems. In fact, many people experience pain when performing inclines. If you have any sort of shoulder issues, then you might want to avoid these machines altogether. Also, some people may feel uncomfortable doing them due to their height.

This could result in discomfort during the workout itself or even during the set itself!

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Inclines aren’t the best when looking to increase the size of your shoulders. Of course, this is also contingent on how you position your body as well. If you put your feet close to the base so that more of your weight is supported, then you’ll be able to lift heavier weights but won’t work your shoulders as much. Lifting lighter weights for higher reps is good for muscle stimulation but won’t do much when it comes to building mass.

Inclines are the safest option for pressing, but it isn’t the best when it comes to building mass.


The incline press is a good and effective exercise to build the upper body musculature and is a great tool in a strongman’s arsenal.

Incline bench press is good to develop the upper chest and front deltoids. The upper chest is important for strongman events that require pressing, such as log press or axle press. Front delts are important for almost all motions.

Incline bench is beneficial if you have shoulder problems as you can still train your muscles without straining your shoulder too much.

Although incline press isn’t quite the same as overhead press, incline does have a similar effect on your shoulders and is much safer on your shoulder joint.

Still, you can build a good base of strength with inclines before attempting overheads without too much worry of injury.

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