The Scale Lies: Why The DEXA Scan Is Best

The DEXA Scan Is Best?

There are many reasons why the DEXA scan is best. For example, it is the most accurate method to measure body composition (body fat). Also, it provides a better estimate of overall health than BMI or waist circumference measurements. Finally, it gives a good indication of how much exercise one needs to do in order to lose weight.

In addition to these advantages, there are disadvantages as well. One disadvantage is that the DEXA scan requires a trained technician to perform it. Another drawback is that the DEXA scanner costs money, which may not always be available when you need it.

Finally, some people have concerns about privacy and confidentiality. These concerns are valid because DEXA scans involve invasive procedures such as inserting needles into your skin and taking blood samples from your arm or leg. There is no way to guarantee that the data collected will remain confidential.

For all these reasons, I believe that the DEXA scan is best if you want to lose weight quickly without having to worry about losing any personal information. If you are concerned about privacy, then a simple BMI measurement might be just as good.

How To Get A Dexa Scan Near Me?

I am going to list below some places where you can get a dexa scan near me.

– Your local hospital or medical clinic probably offers this scanning service.

– You can find a specialized medical center that caters to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They most likely offer several scanning technologies such as the DEXA scan.

– You can also go to a health and fitness center that has a large clientele of people who are dedicated to weight lifting and proper dieting.

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