The Silver Haired Warriors Club: Fitness for Seniors

The Silver Haired Warriors Club: Fitness for Seniors

We are all here today because we want to live longer. And if there’s one thing that makes us feel better about our future, it’s knowing that we will have the opportunity to enjoy the years ahead with our loved ones.

But what happens when those days come? What if they don’t? How do you prepare yourself for such a situation?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Because I’ve got some ideas. So let’s get started…

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…”

The Silver Haired Warriors Club: Fitness for Seniors (SHWC) is a group of seniors living in New Jersey that meet once per month to work out together and socialize. They believe that exercise helps them stay mentally sharp and physically fit. Some members include:

– Larry “Bud” Pearson, a 67 year old retiree and former high school math teacher.

-Mary Mazzio, a retired nurse in her 70s.

-Tom Brody, a former Mr. New Jersey and wannabe actor in his 60s.

-Dorothy Klimovitz, a retired accountant in her 70s.

The Silver Haired Warriors Club: Fitness for Seniors - GYM FIT WORKOUT

-Ruth Haverstick, a former school cafeteria worker in her 60s.

-Marvin Huggins, a retired police officer in his 70s.

-Dorothy’s husband, Ira Klimovitz, a former accountant in his 70s.

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