The Top 10 BJJ Rashguards for Women

The Top 10 BJJ Rashguards for Women

1) Fuji Gels – A must have rash guard for any woman!

Fuji gel rash guards are made from lightweight but durable material which is super breathable. They provide maximum protection against chafing and irritation while still being comfortable to wear.

These rash guards come in various colors, patterns, sizes and styles. You can get them at most jiujitsu shops or online.

2) Matiz – Made from high quality microfiber fabric, these rash guards are designed with extra stretchy elastic so they fit snugly around your body and stay put all day long.

They’re great for those times when you want to train without feeling like you need to take off your rash guard every time you walk into the shower room!

3) GiGiGnome – These rash guards are made from a soft yet durable material and feature a zipper closure.

They’re perfect for training or just hanging out in the shower area. They come in different colors and sizes.

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4) Toga – These rash guards are made from a light weight fabric with stretchy elastic on the waistband, making it easy to move around during class without having to remove your rash guard.

They come in multiple colors and sizes.

5) Hayabusa – These rash guards are made from a soft microfiber fabric that’s comfortable to wear.

They’re perfect for loosening up or warming up before class and provide good air ventilation during rolling.

6) Fairtex – These rash guards feature a V-neck design and come in a wide range of different colors and designs.

They’re available for both men and women. They are made with a high quality fabric and can withstand repeated washings.

7) Hayabusa – Hayabusa is a trusted and well known brand in the MMA world.

These rash guards provide great ventilation while still being durable and comfortable. They’re available in various colors and designs.

8) Tuff – These rash guards are made from high quality and super durable material which provides excellent protection against rolling.

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