The Top 4 CrossFit Open 14.3 WTF Moments

The Top 4 CrossFit Open 14.3 WTF Moments

Crossfit Games: What’s Next?

I am writing this post because I want to give you all a little bit of insight into what’s going to happen with the upcoming 2014 CrossFit Games.

For those who don’t know, the 2014 CrossFit Games will take place from May 17th – June 3rd at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.

There are three divisions: Men’s, Women’s, and Open. There are two weight classes: 75kg (165lbs) and 115kg (255lbs).

You have to meet the minimum qualifying standard to compete in any division. So if you’re not a strongman or Olympic lifter, you might need to work out harder than your competition.

As far as the top athletes go, they’ll be competing under different banners each year. For example, last year it was the Fittest On Earth, this year it’s the Strongest On Earth.

So let me get right to it…

What Happened Last Year?

In 2013, there were five men’s divisions: Open, Masters, Fittest Man/Woman Alive (Matt Kroczaleski), and then finally the final four competitors in each division were determined through a points system based on total score. The top 20 guys qualified for the finals, the top 15 in the Fittest Man division, and then any athlete who placed first in their region.

For the final workout, a multi-round one, athletes completed deadlifts and handstand push-ups until they failed to complete the rep prescription. Each round got heavier and included more handstand push-ups.

It came down to Mathew Fraser and Bjørn Verdugo. It went to round five, which included 130kg deadlifts and 21 handstand push-ups.

Mathew Fraser beat Verdugo in both the fifth round and the competition.

It was a great Finals and I think it’s probably time to do something different this year.

How Will The Open Work?

Instead of the multi-stage workouts we had last year, this year’s competition will consist of five workouts over five weeks. Each week will have an appropriate name and I’ll list what the movements are. Each week, athletes will have a different amount of time to complete each workout.

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The first week will be 15 minutes, second week will be 20 minutes, third week will be 30 minutes, fourth week will be 35 minutes, and then the final week will be 40 minutes.

If you finish a workout in it’s entirety, you will receive the maximum amount of points. Let’s say you get 12/15 weight lifting reps in the first week, that would equal an 85% score, 10% off of the top.

If you only completed 9/15 reps, then you would receive a 70% score, 30% off of the top.

Each week will have a mix of weight lifting movements and gymnastics-type movements.

There will be a live announcement each week, and then we’ll have the scores up on the website shortly after.

Here are the names of the five workouts and their respective movements:

1. Grace (15 Minutes)

2. Isabel (20 Minutes)

3. Little Girl (30 Minutes)

4. Annie (35 Minutes)

5. Final (40 Minutes)

Think of each week’s name and their respective movements as a story. You’ll have to figure out what that story is.

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I won’t be spoiling it here.

As far as how the athletes get placed, that will be up to the fans. We’ll tally up the votes after each week and take the top five athletes for each division (15 for the men, 10 for the women).

The athletes will then be placed in a final standings list in which the public can vote for who they think should win.

Something else to think about: there will be an Open arena. Wherever your favorite athletes are, that is where you’ll want to send your votes.

So if an athlete is working out at a location near you (obviously we’ll try to coordinate this as best we can), then you may want to head over there and support them.

That’s about all I have for you all now. I’ll answer questions if you have any.

I’m really excited about this and hope you are too. It’s going to be a lot of fun, I promise.


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Maybe we should try to get a CrossFit gym to host each week’s competition. We could get a bunch of regional athletes to all go there and compete against each other. That could make for a really fun week, I think. This is something we can discuss once we get all the athlete locations finalized this month.

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