The Total Newbie’s Guide to Triathlon

The Total Newbie’s Guide to Triathlon: A Beginner’s Training Program For Beginners

Triathlete Magazine, September 2010 issue (page 7)

“You are not ready for triathlon.” That was the first thing I heard when I began my training. When I asked why, they told me it wasn’t because I didn’t have what it takes; rather, it was due to lack of experience.

They were right. I had no idea how hard it would be to train for a race like triathlon. And I certainly didn’t have any experience with the equipment needed to compete at such a high level.

I remember being in awe of the sport and its athletes, but I couldn’t see myself competing against them or even trying out for their teams. The thought terrified me! But then again, I never really considered going into the world of competitive sports until after college.

After all, there were other things to do while I studied and worked full time.

After some research, I found out that the sport of triathlon was growing in popularity and becoming more popular than ever before. At least that’s what the media seemed to say. There were many articles written about it and TV shows made about it too!

That’s how I knew about some of the big races that were coming up soon and decided to try my hand at it.

I wanted to take things slow, so I planned to do a sprint distance triathlon for my first race. There weren’t any others like me who were new to the sport in my area, so I took that as a sign that it was okay to compete. The race itself wasn’t anything like what I expected it to be.

I swam much slower than everyone else, but I was faster than some on the bike portion of the race. On the run though, I completely ran out of energy before everyone else and had to walk part of it. It took me nearly an hour longer to finish than everyone else, but I didn’t care. I was just glad to be done with it!

The rest of the day was a blur. I can’t remember much of what happened after I crossed the finish line.

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