The Two Cardinal Rules of CrossFit

The Two Cardinal Rules of CrossFit are:

1) You get out of your own way and do not try to control others.

2) Be yourself.

These rules have been around since the beginning of time and they are still relevant today! However, there is always room for improvement. So let’s go over some things that I think could be improved upon in order to make them even better than before!

Rule #1 – You Get Out of Your Own Way And Do Not Try To Control Others

I don’t care how much you want to be like the Hulk or Superman, it just isn’t going to happen. You will never be able to run faster than the guy next to you, jump higher than the girl across from you, lift heavier weights than the guy at your gym or squat more weight than the dude in front of you. If you want to be successful in life, then you need to stop trying to be someone else and start being YOU.

You might think that this rule would apply only when it comes to physical activities such as running, lifting weights or jumping into a swimming pool. But no, these are all social interactions too. Just because you’re doing something doesn’t mean that other people aren’t watching and judging you!

Don’t try to be someone else. If you’re the loud obnoxious funny guy at the box, don’t try to be the quiet guy who reads the newspaper in the corner. You might feel like you’re faking it or that people will find out, but they won’t.

No one knows what is really going on inside your head. They only see what’s happening on the outside.

Rule #2 – Be Yourself

The Two Cardinal Rules of CrossFit - from our website

Seriously. I don’t care if your mom says you can sit up straight or your dad says you shouldn’t stare at the sun. You do you.

There’s no rule book to life except for this one and it’s not even endorsed by the government.

Don’t let others put you in a box. I can’t stress this point enough. Be you and be awesome at being you.

So those are the two cardinal rules of CrossFit for both athletes and regular Joes alike. If you follow these rules, then success in whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve will come much easier.

In the next section, I’m going to go over some things that you really should do in order to become a better CrossFitter.

Things That Will Help You Be A Better CrossFitter:

1) Have an open mind and willingness to learn.

Being a beginner is the best time to do this.

2) Get over your fear of being judged.

The Two Cardinal Rules of CrossFit - GymFitWorkout

It’s going to happen either way, so embrace it!

3) Listen to your coach.

It really helps if you want to see progress.

In the next part of this article, we will discuss how to deal with different members at your box and other things that can help or hurt your CrossFit experience.

Making CrossFit Friends And Dealing With Other People:

Making friends at the box:

The best way to make friends at the box is to treat everyone with respect. Be helpful without being overbearing. If you see someone struggling with an exercise, walk up and offer some advice.

If they ask for help, then help them! If they don’t ask for help, just give them a few tips and let them struggle. They will either ask for help or not. If they do, then assist them. If not, just say something like, “Oh just messing around. Let me know if you need any help.”

It really is that simple. CrossFit isn’t a competition and even the most aloof people need at least a little help sometimes. Now, if you’re someone who tends to get anxious in crowded settings or struggle with social anxiety, then it might be a little harder for you to break the ice.

In this case, I would suggest going to the gym at times when it isn’t as busy or just speak with people one on one. You will be surprised at the friends you can make by simply being nice or offering advice.

Just don’t turn it into a “CrossFit Sales Pitch.” We all know someone like this and let’s just say they aren’t the most liked people in any gym…

The Two Cardinal Rules of CrossFit - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Dealing with loud obnoxious members:

Some CrossFitters love to draw attention to themselves without actually performing the movements properly.

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