The Whole Is Made Better by the Start

The Whole Is Made Better by the Start

By: The Whole Is Made Better by the Start

Rearrange your desk at work. You’ll need it after all those meetings you have coming up. You’ve got a meeting with some clients tomorrow morning and then another one with a client today afternoon. And if you’re lucky, maybe even a conference call or two during the week. That’s just how busy you are these days!

You’re not alone though. A few months ago, you probably would’ve been working from home most of the time. Nowadays, you don’t really feel like going out much anymore either since you spend so much time online now. But there was a point when you actually did go out quite often and it wasn’t always fun.

It was a Saturday night around five years ago and you were sitting in your living room watching TV with your best friend Kelly. She had recently moved into the house next door to yours. They’d met through mutual friends and she seemed nice enough, but you didn’t really get along with her. After all, she was loud and obnoxious most of the time. You could tell right away that something wasn’t right between them because they never talked much before that day.

“I’m sick of this. I’m moving out,” she told him, “and I’m moving in with you.”

That really took you by surprise. They had only been dating for a few months. It was a serious relationship too, or at least you thought it was. You couldn’t understand why she would want to move in with you of all people. That wasn’t even the worst part though.

But what about our place?

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