Things A CrossFit Newbie Should Know

Things A CrossFit Newbie Should Know

Crossfit is not just a gym exercise program. It’s also a lifestyle change that requires commitment, discipline, and time.

You will need to buy your own equipment and pay for it regularly. If you want to get good results from crossfit, you have to commit yourself every day for at least one hour with no breaks or distractions. It takes some effort and dedication but if done right, it can produce great results.

You might think that you don’t have much time to do all these things but actually you can easily fit them into your daily routine.

So why not? Why waste precious time when there are so many other activities available to us today? I mean, what kind of person doesn’t like exercising everyday?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to train for strength or endurance. Strength means lifting weights and endurance means running long distances without getting tired. There are several types of exercises which can be used for both purposes. For example, squats and deadlifts are excellent ways to build up strength while lunges and step ups can help you improve your stamina.

Another type of exercise is calisthenics which includes yoga, tai chi, pilates, swimming etc. These kinds of exercises require less physical exertion than weightlifting but they aren’t as effective in building muscle mass.

Choose A Workout Program To Stick To

You have to choose a workout routine and learn it perfectly before you start. Watch several videos on it over and over again until you can perform all the exercises with perfect form.

It’s very important that you don’t injure yourself because that will stop your exercise routine until you heal completely.

Which brings me to my next point. You need to warm up before working out and cool down after.

Things A CrossFit Newbie Should Know - gym fit workout

You can jump roping or running in place for a few minutes as your warm up. Do a slow jog followed by some jumping jacks or high knees for a minute as your cool down.

You can do different types of stretches in between sets to prevent muscle soreness and improve flexibility. Make sure to include all of these into your workout routine if you want to avoid getting tired or injuring yourself.

Safety is also very important in this kind of exercise, especially when lifting weights. Always start with a light weight and get the feel of the exercise first.

Even professional bodybuilders sometimes get injured while lifting weights improperly so it’s best not to take any chances. Use a spotter whenever possible and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Lastly, don’t overtrain yourself. It’s better to do an hour of exercises everyday than doing two hours all at once.

In addition, you should also take one or two rest days weekly to let your muscles rest and recover.

While these tips may seem easy to follow, they’re actually the most important rules to follow if you really want to succeed in your fitness goals.

Choose a Workout Routine And Learn It Perfectly

Watch Several Videos On It Over And Over Again

Things A CrossFit Newbie Should Know - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Until You Can Perform All The Exercises With Perfect Form

It’s Very Important That You Don’t Injure Yourself

Because That Will Stop Your Exercise Routine Until You Heal Completely

Which Brings Me To My Next Point

You Need To Warm Up Before Working Out And Cool Down After

You Can Jump Roping Or Running In Place For A Few Minutes As Your Warm-Up

Do A Slow Jog Followed By Some Jumping Jacks Or High Knees For A Minute As Your Cool-Down

You Can Do Different Types Of Stretches In Between Sets To Prevent Muscle Soreness And Improve Flexibility

Make Sure To Include All Of These Into Your Workout Routine If You Want To Avoid Getting Tired Or Injuring Yourself

Safety Is Also Very Important In This Kind Of Exercise, Especially When Lifting Weights

Things A CrossFit Newbie Should Know - Picture

Always Start With A Light Weight And Get The Feel Of The Exercise First

Even Professional Bodybuilders Sometimes Get Injured While Lifting Weights Improperly So It’s Best Not To Take Any Chances

Use A Spotter Whenever Possible And Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Lastly, Don’t Overtrain Yourself

It’s Better To Do An Hour Of Exercises Everyday Than Doing 2 Hours All At Once

In Addition, You Should Also Take One Or Two Rest Days Weekly To Let Your Muscles Rest And Recover

While These Tips May Seem Easy To Follow, They’re Actually The Most Important Rules To Follow If You Really Want To Success In Your Fitness Goals

Looking For A Place To Do Your Workout?

Why Not Try The Park?

With All The Different Outdoor Activities You Could Pick One That Suits Your Interest And Become Very Fit Doing It!

You Can Even Do Some Running To Get Your Heart Pumping!

If The Park Isn’t Really Your Type Of Place Then Try Looking Online For Other Places You Can Go, Such As A Dance Studio Or Sports Court Near You. There’s Definitely A Wide Range Of Places You Can Go That Will Suit Your Needs.

There’s No Reason For You To Not Reach Your Fitness Goals Now.

Things A CrossFit Newbie Should Know - GymFitWorkout

Just Remember All The Tips I’ve Given You And You’ll Be More Than Ready For This Challenge.

Looking Forward To Hearing About Your Success!

Good Luck!

Your Friend,


P.S.- If You Can, Try To Get A Gym Buddy To Workout With.

Not Only Is It More Fun And Makes The Time Just Fly By, But You’ll Also Be More Likely To Skip A Workout If You Have No One To Hold You Accountable But Yourself. Finding A Buddy Isn’t Easy, But Hang In There And I’m Sure You’ll Find The Right One For You.


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