Three Ways to Build More Powerful Legs for Golf

The 3 ways to build powerful legs for golf are:

1) Plyometric Exercises – plyometrics are exercises that involve repeated short bursts of speed and strength.

They improve your ability to produce power quickly and efficiently. You will increase your explosive power, which means you’ll be able to generate more force during the initial part of a jump or when sprinting. Your body’s natural reaction is to use up energy rather than storing it until needed later. Plyometrics allow you to use up your energy more effectively.

2) Dynamic Stretching – dynamic stretching involves lengthening and strengthening muscle groups while keeping them tight.

This allows you to maintain flexibility at all times without having to constantly stretch yourself out. It helps prevent injuries such as tendinitis, Achilles tendonitis, hamstring strains and other types of injuries.

3) Glute Ham Raises – glute ham raises are a great way to strengthen your hip flexors.

These exercises work your quadriceps, hamstrings and lower back muscles simultaneously. They’re especially good if you have trouble with low back pain or any kind of lower back problems.

Plyometrics are useful for improving your explosiveness, but they aren’t always effective for building explosive power. Your body gets used to plyometrics rather quickly and they have a fairly short training effect. You’ll usually see better results from doing them just a few times a week instead of everyday.

You need to maintain strength and flexibility in your muscles to prevent injuries from happening. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. If you find your flexibility decreasing during the season, spend extra time doing some dynamic stretching before and after your round.

You’re now ready to hit the course and show off those powerful golf muscles.

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Happy Exercising!

The Best 3 Tips You’ll Find For Muscle Building

Master these 3 rules of bodybuilding and you’ll be well on your way to getting the body you’ve always wanted.

Rule 1: Big weights, small muscles

When most people think of bodybuilding they think of monstrous men with huge bulging muscles. While it is true that these men have large muscle mass, they actually don’t have large muscles. This may sound contradictory but let me explain.

The size of a muscle is actually determined by it’s size relative to the rest of the body. Since most bodybuilders are very muscular, their large muscles seem even larger in comparison to their much larger body.

On the other hand, the average man has muscles that are small in comparison to his body. This is why the average man seems smaller than he actually is. He isn’t weak or small, he just isn’t very muscular.

To look large, you don’t need to build large muscles, you just need more of them. This leads us to rule 2…

Rule 2: The mind is the limit

Three Ways to Build More Powerful Legs for Golf - | Gym Fit Workout

Many people believe that their body will only allow them to have a certain level of muscle or physique. Some men believe they will never be as muscular as Arnie or as lean as Steve Reeves. This is not true! Your mind is the limit. With enough discipline and desire, you can achieve any level of fitness.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s look at two different men. The first is an average man who eats whatever he wants and doesn’t exercise. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.

The second is a man who is just as tall but works out very hard and eats to achieve the highest level of fitness possible for him. He is 175 pounds of solid lean muscle with little fat.

Although these two men weigh the same, it’s obvious that the second man has a far greater muscle mass.


Because he has trained his mind to believe that limits do not exist and his body responded by adding more muscle.

This leads us to rule 3…

Rule 3: Your body can only go as far as you want it to

Let’s compare the two men again. Let’s say both men decide to eat 10,000 calories a day. The average man will quickly gain weight but most of it will be fat, his weight will go up to 250 pounds but his muscle size won’t increase much. On the other hand, our fitness fanatic will also gain weight (and muscle) but not as much as the average man due to his advanced nutrition and exercise program. He will probably end up weighing about 185 pounds of nearly all muscle.

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