Tired of Boring Beef Jerky? Try Kangaroo, Snake, or Yak

Kangaroo, Snake, or Yak?

The choice between kangaroo and snake is not difficult. They are both grasses with similar taste characteristics. However, kangaroos have a milder flavor than snakes while snakes have a stronger flavor than kangaroos. Also, the texture of kangaroo and snake are very different from each other.

Snake meat is usually used in barbecue sauces and it’s often used as a substitute for pork. Snake meat has a slightly sweet taste, which makes it perfect for dipping into spicy foods like chili sauce. Snake meat can also be cooked in many ways including stir frying, baking, grilling and even steaming.

Kangaroo meat is known to have a milder flavor than either of them but still has enough spice to make it interesting when eaten raw or grilled. Kangaroo meat is also suitable for cooking. Its texture is similar to chicken and its flavor is similar to lamb.

When it comes to eating kangaroo, one must keep in mind that it’s quite tough so if you want to eat a piece of kangaroo without breaking your teeth, then you need to slice it up before biting into it. Kangaroos have a high concentration of proteins, zinc, Vitamin B12 and are low in fat. Even though kangaroos are quite agile and fast, they don’t have as much fat as you may think since they spend most of their lives running around.

Another exotic meat that is gaining some popularity among adventurous eaters is Yak. It is very high in protein and has a unique flavor that is stronger than both beef and lamb but not too overpowering. It’s also very low in fat.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of the more exotic meats and we look forward to having you try them in our stores soon.

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Tired of Boring Beef Jerky? Try Kangaroo, Snake, or Yak - GymFitWorkout

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