Train Like A Man, But Eat Like A Woman

Female Bodybuilder Cutting Diet Plan:

The following are some tips and suggestions for women who want to lose weight quickly without having to starve themselves or go on starvation diets. These are all things that I have learned from years of experience with my own personal life.

If you follow these steps, you will definitely see results faster than if you followed any other type of dieting plan. You might even become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger!

1) Don’t eat anything before noon!

If you do not eat anything after noon, your metabolism slows down significantly. This means that it takes longer for your body to burn fat.

Your metabolism slows down so much that you won’t even gain any weight at all! (I’ve actually seen this happen!) So don’t eat anything until noon!

2) Do cardio only when necessary.

Do NOT do cardio every single day! Only do it when absolutely necessary like during a run or bike ride.

Cardio burns up a lot of calories, but it doesn’t make you lose weight.

3) Eat healthy foods whenever possible.

Eat fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. Avoid fatty meats and dairy products.

Train Like A Man, But Eat Like A Woman - gym fit workout

Also avoid fried foods like french fries and pizza! They’re high in saturated fats which raise your blood cholesterol levels.

4) Drink lots of water!

Water helps keep your heart rate low and keeps your muscles hydrated too! And don’t drink diet sodas, because diet sodas contain chemicals that dehydrate you and can cause your muscles to shrivel up too!

5) Take a multivitamin.

Many people don’t get all the nutrients they need from the food they eat. For these people, a multivitamin can help fill in any nutritional gaps.

6) Do not engage in other strenuous activities.

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