Train Like a Spartan

Train Like A Spartan: How To Live Like A Warrior

The word “spartan” means “without armor”. It was coined by British soldier Captain William Bligh when he sailed from Tahiti to New Zealand in 1790.

Spartans were soldiers without any kind of protective clothing or equipment. They lived a simple life with no luxuries and fought bravely against the Maori tribes.

Spartans are known to have been warriors since ancient times. There are many stories about them fighting off pirates and other enemies.

Their reputation grew even further after they defeated the Persians at Marathon in 490 BC. The story goes that their commander Leonidas gave orders for all of his men to lie down on the ground and then stood up, pulled out a spear, held it high over his head, and shouted “Charge!”

There are several reasons why a person might want to live like a Spartan. One reason could be to become stronger, faster, and more agile.

Another reason could be to avoid getting sick or injured. Some people believe that living like a Spartan will make one less likely to get fat and gain weight because they don’t indulge in unhealthy foods or drink too much alcohol.

The first thing that someone who wishes to live like a spartan must do is to exercise on a regular basis. It’s important to stretch before and after an exercise session, as well as drink plenty of water afterwards.

Some people believe that it’s essential to exercise with a friend or trainer because they are less likely to give up if they have support from another person.

Train Like a Spartan - gym fit workout

One can train with just about anything. Some people use a punchbag, others use their own body weight to perform squats, lunges, situps, or crunches.

Swimming and running are also good ways to train. But arguably the best way to train is with one of the many spartan training kits that are available online. These typically come in the form of DVDs or online videos.

There are many different kinds of training programs on the market, each one designed to be tougher than the last. Before beginning a training session, it’s important to warm up and stretch first.

It’s also essential to have a towel or something similar to wipe the sweat off of your face and body.

Some spartan training systems involve swinging a kettlebell over head; these are heavy metal bells that people swing around like Fred Flintstone. Another popular way of training is using a medicine ball because it requires strength and skill to throw or slam it against a wall.

It’s important to warm up before using these kinds of spartan tools because any injury could put someone out of commission for weeks or even months.

Some people believe that living like a spartan makes them more likely to get sick or injured. Others believe that it gives them protection against germs and sickness.

One popular belief is that living like a spartan strengthens the immune system and makes one less likely to catch a cold or fall ill.

Living like a spartan doesn’t just improve one’s physical abilities. It can also improve mental ones too.

Many people find that they are more alert and aware of their surroundings when they train on a regular basis.

Spartan training is something that anyone can do. All it takes is some effort, dedication, and willpower.

It has many benefits and is something that everyone should try.

Train Like a Spartan - gym fit workout

Foods in the News

Time to look at this week’s news in food.

“The FDA has issued a recall on red palm oil after it was discovered that the product tested positive for dangerous levels of lead.”

Lead can have a range of adverse effects on humans, from brain damage to hallucinations. It is possible that the contaminated oil is the cause of the recent increase in violent crimes in major US cities.

“Arsenic-based drugs for diabetes causing serious side effects.”

The FDA have warned people with diabetes not to use a popular drug made from arsenic, after many patients using it were found to have developed cancerous tumors.

“Hot dogs and bacon cause cancer”

A new report from the American government has linked eating processed meat to an elevated risk of developing cancer. Experts have warned for some time about the dangers of a diet high in red meat.

However, many have questioned why processed meat is included in this warning, saying that redundant warnings will just make people skeptical of all food reporting.

Train Like a Spartan - Image

“New weight loss drug safe and effective”

A new weight loss drug which has just hit the market is said to be both safe and effective. The drug, called Aoxingine-Zx has been available in China for some time, but has only now been approved for use in the US after extensive safety testing.

It works by burning fat while the patient sleeps. Some have raised concerns about possible side effects such as loss of appetite and a fixed expression on the face.

“Fast food a la carte – a recipe for disaster”

A report released today by the National Obesity Association has warned that allowing fast food restaurants to offer a la carte meals will dramatically increase the risk of obesity in the United States. Such a plan is in the interest of both fast food companies, who would make more money selling additional product, and people with unlimited budgets, who want to get as much as they can for their dollar.

The no-choice all-you-can-eat meals are how the fast food chains make their money, and taking away this option would force them to raise their standard prices.

But the report also states that people who would normally choose the cheaper meal option would be able to afford the full heftier price tag for a la carte options, and these people are more likely to be obese. It warns that a la carte meals would open the fast food industry up to whole new markets in low-income areas, where the healthy all-you-can-eat option is not available.

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