Training for a Bikini Competition, the Healthy Way

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The following are some tips on how to prepare yourself for a bikini competition:

1) Eat lots of protein and fat.

Protein helps build muscle mass while fats help burn calories. Fatty foods such as butter, cream cheese, lard, bacon grease, coconut oil or avocado oil can all be used to your advantage when preparing for a bikini contest.

You will need to eat enough of these fatty foods so that you don’t gain too much weight during the preparation period.

2) Drink plenty of water.

Water is essential for maintaining hydration levels, which is necessary for burning excess body heat and keeping your core temperature from rising too high. If you drink less than 2 liters (8 ounces) of water per day, it may cause dehydration problems.

Drinking a lot of fluids before competing in a bikini contest can help prevent dehydration issues.

Training for a Bikini Competition, the Healthy Way - GYM FIT WORKOUT

3) Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

These substances increase blood pressure, heart rate and cause other health risks. They can even affect your ability to lose weight if you consume them regularly.

Alcohol is especially dangerous because it causes you to retain water, which makes it harder for you to lose those extra pounds!

4) Eat healthy food.

Don’t go overboard and eat less than 1,000 calories per day. You should also be sure to consume plenty of lean proteins, green vegetables and whole grains.

Red meats such as steak can be an excellent source of quality protein.

5) Get plenty of rest.

It is very important that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night during the week before the competition. Sleeping allows your muscles and internal organs to repair themselves, which is essential for burning fat and losing weight.

Training for a Bikini Competition, the Healthy Way - gym fit workout

Bikini competition is a great way to motivate yourself to lose weight and get into shape. It also puts the FUN into functional, because you get to wear a fancy swimsuit in front of hundreds or even thousands of people!

However, you must remember that it’s not just about wearing a nice bikini; you should focus on getting healthier and fitter, too. If you prepare yourself properly, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy the benefits of competing in a bikini competition and you will feel and look great!

The week of the competition you will need to arrive at least one or two days ahead of time. if you have not arrived at least one day before the competition, then there is no way that you will be able to prepare yourself properly.

Even if you train and practice for weeks and months in advance, it will all be for nothing if you do not arrive at least a day ahead of time.

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the location of the competition and find out what kind of stage it has and what kind of music will be played when your category is being judged. You should also check out the area where the audience sits and where the cameras are located.

The second thing you should do is talk to the director of the competition and introduce yourself. When you meet the director, tell him or her that you are competing in the competition and ask if there is any way you can help. The more you help around the competition area, the less work there is for the director and judges and they will definitely like you more for it.

The most important thing to do during this day however is practice your posing. You should choose your best poses and practice them over and over until you know you have them perfect.

Be sure to include some spins and bend overs in your practice as well.

The day before the competition you should get a good night’s sleep. You want to look your best for the competition after all and a lack of sleep will definitely show on your face.

During this day, you should also start keeping your diet as clean as possible. Start each meal with a salad and eat plenty of fruit. Stay away from bread and sweets, as they are very fattening. If you follow this guideline, you will definitely see the pounds come flying off when you step on the scale the following morning.

The day of the competition you should arrive at least 2 hours before your category is to be judged. When you arrive, go and introduce yourself to the director again and tell him or her that you are ready.

The director will then tell one of the staff to weigh you in and take your measurements. You will then get into your swimsuit and step on the scales. They will tell you that the lowest weight allowed in your division is 130 pounds.

Training for a Bikini Competition, the Healthy Way - gym fit workout

After you weigh in, the staff member will measure you. The measurements are taken by having you stand against a wall tape measure that is marked off in inches.

The marks are 2 inches apart and start from the floor. The staff member will tell you to place your heels against the bottom of the mark and stretch your body as tall as possible. This is your height and will be written down on your entry form. Then they will ask you to put your heels together and stretch your arms out to each side, this is your waist and will also be written down.

After this process, you will change back into your street clothes and wait for the judges to come in and watch you perform. When they arrive, the director will make an announcement over the loudspeaker and tell you all to line up for the men’s division or the women’s division as the judges enter.

They will first judge the men; you will wait in the back while they judge those ahead of you. They will watch each performance on a DVD and fill out a score card. They will look for good skin, toned muscle, and a symmetrical body in each competitor. After they are finished judging the men, those who did not place will be given their score cards to see where they need to improve.

When they are finished with the men’s division, they will come back to the women’s division and do the same thing. This time however they will judge you differently.

They will only be looking at your face and body, ignoring how toned your muscles are. This is when your practicing will really pay off. Make sure you make the best impression on these judges; smile a lot, tilt your head and look excited.

After the judging is over, the director will tell you all whether you have advanced to the finals or not. If you do not make it, do not give up!

They will be looking for a pretty face, toned muscle, and a symmetrical body as before. However, this time they will also be looking at your hair and makeup, how you move in your swimsuit, and how you present yourself. Make sure you practice your cat walk when you are practicing your poses because it could make you or break you. Adjust your diet and try again next year. If you do make it, congratulations! You will be called on later to come compete in the finals.

If you are ready, then good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Good luck!

Training for a Bikini Competition, the Healthy Way - from our website

The following is a list of exercises you should be doing in preparation for the pageant. Start now, and do them every other day until a month before the competition.

If you have any questions about them, ask your mom to help you, or find a book at the library to help you.

The first thing you will need to do is start eating more! You need to gain weight but still look thin.

Eat 5 “normal” meals a day and then within an hour of waking up, have a protein shake. Cooked oatmeal is great for you and fills you up. For a treat you can have one bowl of ice cream a week (any flavor).

Eat a healthy snack before you go out to dinner with your family or friends. This will keep you from overeating.

If going out to eat, always get the salad unless it has fried chicken on it. Try to avoid the bread and pasta. Always get water to drink with your meal.

These are just some tips on eating. If you have any questions, ask your mom or another adult for help.

Every other day:

1. Run 2 miles as fast as you can.

Training for a Bikini Competition, the Healthy Way - GymFitWorkout

When you start hurting, keep going until you really can’t take it anymore. Walk half a mile and then run again until you’ve finished your two miles.


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