Troubleshoot Your Overhead Press

Troubleshoot Your Overhead Press: How To Improve Overhead Pressing Routine?

The overhead press is one of the most popular exercises among athletes and bodybuilders. It’s also one of the best exercises for building mass. But, it isn’t without its problems. One problem is that many people struggle with their overhead pressing routine due to improper technique or lack thereof.

So what exactly are some common mistakes that people make when they perform their overhead presses?

1) They don’t keep their elbows up high enough.

2) Their shoulders aren’t kept back enough.

3) They’re not keeping their chest up high enough.

4) They have too much shoulder flexibility and/or mobility issues.

5) Their wrists are out of position (and vice versa).

6) They’re using too wide of a grip.

7) They don’t pull their shoulder blades together during the lift.

8) They’re not pulling their knees up towards their chest during the lift.

9) They’re not gripping the bar tightly enough.

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10) Their elbows are pointing outward, rather than inward.

11) Their arms aren’t straight at all times throughout the movement.

12) They’re not following a program.

13) They’re lifting with too much weight.

To correct these mistakes, the athlete should try to make sure that they are always are in the proper position during their overhead press. The following things are important:

1) He or she should be in a half-squat position in order to get the most out of their legs.

2) He or she should make sure their shoulders are properly positioned by retracting their shoulder blades.

3) He or she should pull their chest up high in order to increase the range of motion.

4) They should grip the bar as hard as possible in order to maintain the correct grip width.

5) They should concentrate on pulling the weight straight up rather than backwards.

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6) They should keep their wrists in a neutral position (slightly bent).

7) They should make sure their elbows are pointing directly out to their sides.

8) They should try to pull their knees up as high as possible towards their chest in order to engage their legs during the movement.

9) They should squeeze the bar as hard as possible in order to maintain proper grip.

10) Their arms should be kept straight at all times. 11) They should not bounce the bar off of their chest. 12) They should not use too much weight (less is more).

By keep all of these points in mind during your overhead presses, you can ensure proper form and prevent injury. You’ll also be able to lift more weight and get better results from your workout.

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