Two Over-60 Athletes Who Prove You Can Compete at Any Age

Two Over-60 Athletes Who Prove You Can Compete at Any Age

The first question I ask myself when someone starts talking about their age is: “How old are they?” If it’s a male, I usually start with: “What do you mean how old are you? How much older than me?”

That way I don’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out what they’re saying.

If it’s a woman, I’m not so sure about asking her age. I might ask her if she wants to go somewhere or something like that, but then again maybe I shouldn’t.

Maybe it would be better to just listen to what she says rather than try to figure out where she’s going with all this. (I think.)

So let’s say that the person is telling me everything and they’re actually pretty interesting and well spoken! Well good for them!

They’ve got my attention. But I still wonder why they want to hear from me.

Why am I here? What does this have to do with anything?

Well, it turns out that there are a few reasons why some people contact me. One reason is because they need help with something related to aging or health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc… Another reason is because they need money for medical expenses. A third reason is because they are looking for a lost loved one, such as a relative or friend.

I’ve already told you that I work with people who need help with their problems. But they don’t just ask me questions!

I’m supposed to solve their problems too! And while I’m very good at giving advice, I usually can’t assist them in any other way than that. Not really.

That’s why I was so impressed with your story. (And yes, you can come out now.

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The story’s over!)

When I read about what you did for that old man at the gas station, that really blew me away. To see someone as young as you were, to have that kind of heart…

And to do whatever you did to help him the way that you did… That was so amazing!

You might have thought that no one saw, because it was night time and the street lights weren’t that great, but I saw everything. Every last bit.

I was hiding behind a dumpster across the street. It was so dark back there, no one would’ve been able to see me. At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! But the more I watched, the more I couldn’t look away.

And what’s even more amazing is that you did all that in your pajamas! You didn’t think twice about getting out of your car, running to the old man’s aid and then helping him into your car.

And while that would’ve been enough for most people, you didn’t stop there. You drove the old man to a gas station that was still open (and probably miles away from where you were) and paid for his gasoline with your own money!

I don’t know why you did it and I don’t care. I’m just glad someone like you is going to be around for a long time!

Alright, I think we’ve kept the old man waiting long enough. Come on, let me introduce you to him.

You go right in and I’ll be there in a second.

Two Over-60 Athletes Who Prove You Can Compete at Any Age - GymFitWorkout

Thank you for sharing your experience with us today. Your words have really inspired me…

And hopefully others will be inspired by them too.

You are now free to leave this place. (Just kidding!) I just wanted to meet you in person before you left.

You were probably wondering why I didn’t come out to greet you earlier, right?

The reason why is because I have a lot of responsibilities around here and I can’t just abandon them the moment someone new comes in. I’m sure you understand.

Anywho, it was great meeting you and I’m glad to see that there are still good people like you out there. Stay safe on your travels and remember to think happy thoughts!

This concludes our interview. Thank you for selecting our website.


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