Use Cheat Meals to Your Advantage

Use Cheat Meals to Your Advantage: A Guide To Best Cheat Meals For Muscle Gain

The use of cheat meals is one of the most effective ways to build muscle mass. However, there are many factors which affect how much muscle you will gain from using cheat meals. There are several advantages and disadvantages with each type of cheat meal.

The following list contains some of those benefits and disadvantages.

Benefits Of Using Cheat Meals For Muscle Gains

You don’t have to eat every single meal before training. You can eat any time during your workout without gaining fat or losing lean tissue. You can eat a few small meals throughout the day instead of having one big dinner.

You can consume large amounts of food at once without gaining weight or feeling hungry later in the day. You can consume large amounts of calories throughout the day without gaining fat. You can consume foods that are high in protein and low in carbs. These types of foods give you energy all through the day rather than just when you train.

Disadvantages Of Using Cheat Meals For Muscle Gains

There are drawbacks with using cheat meals for building muscle mass. Some of these drawbacks include:

You may not get enough sleep if you’re consuming too many calories throughout the day. You may consume too many empty calories without getting enough nutrients. You may feel tired or sleepy if you consume too many calories before training.

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You may feel bloated from overeating certain foods. Your body might start storing fat if you eat the wrong types of cheat meals. You might gain weight if you’re not careful with what you eat before training. Certain types of cheat meals may be expensive to buy.

What Are The Best Cheat Meals To Eat For Muscle Gains?

If you want to build muscle mass as quickly as possible then you must eat like a king for at least one meal every day. This is the only way to put on muscle mass quickly.

The best types of cheat meals to consume are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Some examples of good cheat meals include:

Steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

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