Use Olympic Weightlifting to Transform Strength Into Speed

Olympic Weightlifting Program For Beginners

The purpose of this program is to develop strength and speed. It helps you to build your body’s power and endurance.

You will have a better chance at winning an athletic competition if you are strong enough to lift heavy weights, but not so big that it causes injury or fatigue during the exercise. Also, it is good for building muscle mass because it builds up your muscles’ size and makes them stronger than they would otherwise be.

Strength Training For Speed And Power

You must be able to move fast and jump high with ease. If you do not have these abilities, then you cannot expect to win any athletic competitions.

Your body needs strength training in order to maintain its ability to perform tasks such as running, jumping, climbing and lifting weights. These activities require your muscles to work harder than usual while maintaining their normal shape and size. Therefore, you need to train your muscles hard in order to get bigger and stronger.

Speed Training For Strength

If you want to become faster, then you must train your legs and lungs in order to make them work harder than usual. You must also increase the number of repetitions that you do in each set.

Use Olympic Weightlifting to Transform Strength Into Speed - gym fit workout

The goal is to increase the time that you spend doing these exercises. You can practice speed training by jumping repeatedly or by lifting lighter weights more rapidly.

Olympic Weightlifting Program Pdf

This program is specifically designed to help you build speed, power and strength quickly. However, it is not for the faint of heart.

It entails lifting extremely heavy weights that most people are unable to lift even once. This program calls for a lot of intense physical training which means that you must be in excellent shape before starting it. It is also extremely dangerous and can lead to serious physical injury if you try to lift too much weight.

Here are some of the exercises that you need to perform in order to develop speed, power and strength:

Back squat – This exercise helps you to lift maximum weight while also increasing your vertical jump. You must perform it properly in order to get the most out of it without getting injured.

It involves lifting weight between 90 and 130% of your own body weight.

Deadlift – This exercise is one of the best for increasing your strength and speed. It involves lifting maximum weight off of the floor while bending over backwards.

Use Olympic Weightlifting to Transform Strength Into Speed - gym fit workout

You must learn to do it properly in order to prevent injury.

Power jerk – This exercise helps you to develop explosive power in your legs, hips, core and shoulders. It also helps to improve your vertical jump.

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