Use the Scientific Method to Take Control of Your Training

Scientific Exercise: 7-Minute Workout PDF

The Science Behind 7 Minute Workout

Science is not just a set of facts or data; it’s a method of inquiry that seeks to explain the world around us using evidence based reasoning. A scientific approach to exercise involves testing hypotheses and theories through experimentation, observation, and experimentally controlled studies. Scientists use science to determine what works best for human bodies and why certain things work better than others.

In order to make progress with your training program, you need to have a solid foundation of knowledge about the science behind exercise. There are many different types of exercise including strength training, cardio exercise, flexibility and conditioning exercises. Some types of exercise may be beneficial while other types may not be effective at all.

For example, weight lifting will increase muscle mass but it won’t improve cardiovascular health or prevent disease. Cardio and stretching don’t necessarily have any benefit either so they’re out too. Other types of exercise such as resistance training and interval training may be effective for some, but not all.

A good way to assess which type of exercise is right for you is to perform a variety of tests to see if the results match up with your expectations. If you want to lose fat, then strength training might be appropriate because it’ll burn calories and build muscle mass. If you want to increase your endurance for sports then you might want to focus on anaerobic interval training because it’s effective and time-efficient.

The 7-minute Workout Explained

As the name suggests, the 7-minute workout involves working out for exactly 7 minutes! It is one of the most popular trending fitness routines at the moment due to its simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency. It consists of high intensity bodyweight exercises that target the whole body.

These exercises can be performed anywhere and any time it suits you. You can perform this routine at home with minimal equipment or outdoors. You don’t need to join a gym and you don’t need any special skills or training to do the workout. It’s a perfect routine for individuals who are just starting out on their fitness journey and want to get fit as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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