Use Yoga to Effectively Treat Rotator Cuff Injury

Use Yoga to Effectively Treat Rotator Cuff Injury

Rotator cuff injuries are common among athletes. They affect sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer and many others. These injuries often occur during activities involving jumping or throwing the ball.

When these types of injuries occur they require medical attention immediately. However, some patients may not have immediate symptoms until several days after the injury occurs. There are various causes of rotator cuff injuries. Some of them include:

Injury to the biceps tendon (the largest muscle in your upper arm) when it tears off from the bone at its attachment point. This type of injury usually happens due to overuse or repetitive stress placed on the injured area.

A tear in the ligament that connects your shoulder blade to your collarbone (subacromial impingement). This type of injury occurs when the bicep tendon becomes inflamed and irritated.

An infection in the bursa sac surrounding the acromion process (the small bone in your elbow). This type of injury occurs when bacteria infects the subacromial space between your shoulder blades.

The most common cause of rotator cuff injuries is repetitive motion or overuse. Many times, athletes will miss a few games because their rotators were injured during practice or competition. These injuries often go undiagnosed and are only treated when the injury has become so severe that rest and physical therapy no longer works.

How Can I Prevent a Rotator Cuff Injury?

The best way to prevent rotator cuff injuries is by regularly practicing care for your shoulder and its surrounding muscles. This means you should take a break from throwing motions or other motions that involve your shoulder if you begin to feel any pain. If your pain worsens or doesn’t get better within a few days, you should seek medical attention.

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