Verkhoshansky’s Depth Jumps Create Gains in Max Strength

The Verkhoshansky Method is a Russian strength training system developed by Pavel Tsatsouline. The program was first published in 1974 and it is still used today by many top athletes around the world. It consists of several exercises performed at progressively higher intensities with short rest periods between sets. The goal of these exercises are to increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat.

Pavel Tsatsouline’s book “Maximizing Human Performance” was one of the most influential books on physical culture in recent years. The book contains a detailed description of the Verkhoshansky Method and its various variations.

There are two main versions of the Verkhoshansky Method:

1) The original version, which was created by Pavel Tsatsouline and includes only four exercises (squat, bench press, chin up and pull up).

This version is called “original” because it was the first version of the Verkhoshansky Method published.

2) A second version, which included additional exercises and modifications to other parts of the original program.

These were later renamed as “variations”.

There are several different variations of the original method. The most popular are:

1) Beginner Program – This is a modified version of the original program designed for younger or less trained athletes and includes less demanding exercises.

2) Intermediate Program – This is an advanced version of the original program that improves strength.

Exercises like parallel bar dips, inclined bench press, front squat and seated military press make this program more demanding.

Verkhoshansky's Depth Jumps Create Gains in Max Strength - gym fit workout

3) Exercises for the Upper Body – This is a program that includes only exercises for strengthening the upper body.

It consists of chin-ups, dips, seated press, incline press and pull-ups.

4) Exercises for the Lower Body – This is a program that includes only exercises for strengthening the lower body.

It consists of back squats, front squats, lunges, calf raises, straight leg deadlifts and Hanging Leg Raises.

5) Advanced Program – This is a program designed to increase strength in already strong athletes.

It consists of several complex and demanding exercises like squat with chains, front squat with chains, back squat with chains, incline bench press with chains, standing military press with chains and deadlift from blocks.

The Verkhoshansky method is designed for experienced lifters looking to increase their strength without gaining excessive muscle mass. The method can be combined with regular bodybuilding training to make it more effective.

The method is based on a series of exercises performed at high intensity with short rest periods between sets. The goal is to increase strength and muscle mass while maintaining low levels of body fat.

Verkhoshansky's Depth Jumps Create Gains in Max Strength - gym fit workout

Training sessions should be held 2-3 times a week, with at least 1 day of rest in between. Specific exercises and their order varies depending on which version of the method you wish to follow. The original version is the simplest and recommended for beginner lifters.

The original program is divided into three stages:

1) The first stage (first 3-4 weeks) should focus on mastering the form of a particular exercise before increasing the weight.

Reps should be low, around 1-5.

2) The second stage (next 3-4 weeks) should focus on increasing intensity.

Add weight and decrease reps to increase intensity.

3) The third stage (last 3-4 weeks) involves putting it all together and performing the exercise at maximum intensity.

For each exercises do one warm up set, then proceed to doing 1-5 reps at maximum intensity. Without resting, go on to the next exercises. After all sets are complete, rest for 2 minutes before repeating the cycle again. When you can complete all of the sets without a miss, increase the weight.

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