Video: Hip Opening Exercises for Olympic Weightlifters

The hip opening exercise is one of the most important exercises for weightlifters. The hip opening exercise helps to develop strength in the gluteus maximus muscles, which are responsible for extending your legs during the squatting motion. These muscles also help with balance and stability when performing other movements such as deadlifts, bench presses or overhead pressing exercises.

In addition to developing these powerful glutes, the hip opening exercise also develops the hamstrings muscle group. Hamstring muscles are responsible for pulling your leg back towards your body when you walk or run. They also help with keeping your knees straight and helping with balance while standing up from a seated position.

These two muscles work together to keep you stable during all types of movement, including running and walking. When they aren’t working properly, you fall over.

Hip openers are great for building power and speed in any type of weightlifting routine. You don’t have to spend hours doing them before a competition! Just do some basic warm ups like these.

You may not think it will make much difference, but I guarantee that if you perform the exercises correctly, your lifts will improve significantly!

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