Video: How to Throw Muay Thai Knee Strikes

How to Throw Muay Thai Knee Strikes

The most common question that I get asked is “how do you throw muay thai knee?” or “what are the best ways to throw muay thai knee strikes?”

. The answer is simple, it depends on your skill level and what you want to achieve with them. There are many variations of throwing techniques, but there are some basic rules which apply across all styles of fighting.

First, you need to have a good base from which to work. A solid foundation allows you to build upon it. If you don’t have one, then it’s difficult for you to progress in your training because the technique will not stick with you. So if your goal is just to learn how to throw muay thai kicks, then nothing else matters except perfecting those kicks.

You won’t improve unless you practice.

Second, you need to understand the purpose of each strike. For example, if you’re trying to knock someone out with a kick, then the purpose is obvious – knock them out!

But what if your goal is simply to hurt them?

Then they might be able to survive a few kicks before falling unconscious. That’s why it’s important to distinguish between these two goals when learning new techniques.

What to Expect When Learning New Techniques

As I mentioned above, there are two goals that you might have when learning new techniques. The difference between the two goals is simple: with one you want to end the fight as quickly as possible and with the other you are content on simply doing enough damage to slow down or stop your opponent. With this said, let’s get into the core of throwing the knee strikes.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your stance is correct. From there, you can start throwing the knee strike. For now, I would start with a simple forward knee strike. This allows you to focus on the most important part of knee strikes which are your hips.

As demonstrated in the video below, you’ll need to push off your rear foot while swinging your front leg forward. Then you simply bend your front leg and push your knee forward. If you need to, you can put your free hand on the ground for support.

Once you’ve practiced this over a dozen times, try this: instead of throwing a regular straight knee strike, throw a circular one. This allows you to hit a target that’s further away or crouching down. In addition to being more difficult to pull off, it also looks a lot cooler when executed correctly.

The next thing you want to work on is your speed. Speed is very important in a real fight. If you can throw a strike faster than your opponent, then there’s a good chance that you’ll land the first strike and heavily hurt or even kill them. For this, you need to be able to throw a knee strike as fast as possible.

Video: How to Throw Muay Thai Knee Strikes - gym fit workout

This requires a lot of practice and memorization. You’ll need to practice pulling your leg back and pushing it forward as fast as you can until you don’t need to think about how to do it. Your body should just naturally react the way you’ve trained it to do so.

The final thing that you want to work on is power. This is more important in a real fight because even if you can throw a strike faster than your opponent, but if you don’t hurt them then they still have a chance to hurt you back.

To improve the power of your knee strikes, you’ll want to use your hips. This might be a little difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it then it’ll be very easy for you. Continue to practice the drills shown in the video. Then, after you feel comfortable with them, try this drill: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend your right knee into a crouching position.

Now, using only your right leg, jump into the air as high as you can. While in the air, straighten your leg as much as you can and try to push your heel forward as much as possible. As soon as your foot leaves the ground, pull it back so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Once you’ve done this drill a few times, take a break and then try it again. If you did it correctly then you should be able to jump higher. Not only does this prove that you are capable of jumping higher, but it also puts you in a better position to strike your opponent. After all, if you jump higher then the bottom of your foot will be closer to your opponent.

These are just the basics of knee striking. There are many different kinds of knee strikes such as the head strikes, which involve the front of your knee, and leg twists, which involve grabbing an ankle and twisting until your opponent falls. You can look those up online and practice them when you have the time.

All of these techniques can be very dangerous, so it’s important that you only use them on someone if your life is in danger. It’s also important to remember that if you do happen to use these on someone, then you should always escape from the area as soon as possible because they will most likely be mad and want to get revenge.

Always keep these things in mind and be safe!

– Grand Master Lee

Volume VII, Kicks and Strikes, Chapter 3, Knee Strikes

You head out to the training area to try out some of the techniques in the video. You first want to focus on perfecting the simple knee strike. You stand up straight with your feet together and then you bend your knees until they reach a 90 degree angle. You then push your hips forward to put as much power behind the strike as possible.

Video: How to Throw Muay Thai Knee Strikes - from our website

After doing this a few times, you go back to standing straight and then repeat the same motion.

You spend about an hour and a half practicing this motion until you can easily put your hips into it without even thinking about it, like Grand Master Lee said you would after enough practice. Now it’s time to add in the push off with your foot. You start off by putting your leg out like before and then adding a little push with your foot as you finish the strike. You find that this puts a little more steam behind the strike.

You continue with this motion until it’s second nature just like the other one.

After you’ve got the motions down, you decide to put them together. You bend your right knee into the 90 degree position and then quickly push off with your foot and then push your hips forward as hard as you can. Right as your knee is just about to reach your target you twist your hip into him as hard as you can. You immediately pull back so that he can’t grab you and then quickly move to the side and get a running start so that you can hit him with the other knee.

You’ve never felt anything quite like it. The power behind that one strike was more than what most people put behind a roundhouse kick.

You decide to do it one more time for good measure and then call it a day. You’re knees are a little sore from the impact, but you’re sure you’ll get used to it after some time. You spend the rest of the day stretching your legs and hips because they are a little sore. You also go online and look up the different kinds of head strikes and find some interesting stuff that you’ll need to try out.

Months pass and you continue to train your new talents. Your legs become stronger than they’ve ever been, especially your knees which feel like solid rocks. You also become very flexible so that you can get yourself into the proper positions to strike and not hurt yourself. You learn that there are more vulnerable spots on the body than the obvious ones and these take much less strength to hurt than others so you become an expert at attacking them.

You’re having so much fun and being so successful at it, you almost forget that your main goal is to get revenge on the ones who kidnapped you and killed your girlfriend. Almost…

Video: How to Throw Muay Thai Knee Strikes - Picture

Today is the day, you can feel it. You’ve finally perfected your fighting abilities and you are more than ready. You spend the whole night before packing everything that you think you’ll need and then some. After checking and rechecking everything about a million times, you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

You awake to the sound of your door being opened quickly and hitting the wall. You see three men enter, however only one of them is a man. The other two are much smaller, but just as dangerous looking.

“Let’s get this over with you little shits” Edgar says. “Come on, I don’t have all day.” he says when he sees that both you and Drake have yet to move from your beds.

Drake and you get up and quickly grab your stuff and then continue to follow Edgar out the door and down the corridor. He doesn’t speak any more words to either of you on the way there, he just leads the way and the two younger guys follow behind you.

Edgar leads you all outside and towards a large shed. When you get closer you see two guys standing by the door. They are both holding rifles of some sort and have pistols holstered on their waists. They stare at you as you approach Edgar.

“These are the two I was talking about. The big one is Henry and the other one is…” Edgar begins to say, but is interrupted by the smaller of the two.

“Drake.” he says as he steps forward to get a closer look at you.

“Yeah, Drake. I’ve heard a lot about you. Some of it isn’t pretty, but I’m sure you’ll change once you join us here.”

Drake doesn’t respond and instead just keeps his gaze fixed on the man.

“This other one is…” Edgar begins to say, but is interrupted again.

Video: How to Throw Muay Thai Knee Strikes - gym fit workout

“David.” He says stepping forward towards you. He gets eye to eye with you and just stares at you for a few seconds. He then turns his head to the side as if he was looking at something on your shoulder then quickly snaps his head back towards your eyes and stares at you again.

“Got a little surprise for you before we go any further.” He finishes and then pulls out his pistol, points it at you and fires.

The bullet hits your chest and you fall backwards, dropping all of your stuff. You manage to catch yourself with your hands before your head hits the ground and you find that you can’t move them. Or at least you wouldn’t be able to if something wasn’t holding them in place.

David walks over to you and kneels down beside you. “Don’t worry, this will only hurt a lot.” He says and then fires his gun into your face.

You would scream if you still could. As it stands you can’t even do that. All you can do is lay there and bleed out while the two younger guys just stand there watching.

Edgar walks over to them and stares down at your body. “Idiots.” He mumbles and then looks up at the two young men. “You two didn’t need to watch that, you’ve seen enough before.

Let’s go.”

They both pick up their gear and walk away from you without looking back. Edgar follows them and looks back at you one more time before walking out of sight.

You’re left there dying for who knows how long. Eventually a group of infected wander down the path by you and notice you. They start to wander over and you do the only thing you can and scream at them as loud as you can.

At first it isn’t even enough to scare off a normal rat, let alone an infected so decayed it’s barely alive. But eventually the sound is enough to draw their attention and they begin to crawl all over you, feasting on your flesh and completing the job Edgar started.

You’re dead before they finish eating you.

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