Weeks of Bodyweight Workouts (108 Workouts!)

What are Weeks of Bodyweight Workouts?

The weeks of body weight workouts is a series of 12 weekly workouts. Each workout consists of four sets with five repetitions each set. These are done for 10 minutes at a time. The first three weeks have been completed and the last two weeks will begin in January 2017. You can choose any one workout from these twelve workouts or start all over again with another set of five exercises.

How to do Weeks of Bodyweight Workouts?

You can perform these workouts anywhere. If you want to do them at home, just make sure you have access to a table or bench press machine. Alternatively, if you don’t have a place where you could practice your bodyweight exercises, then it would be better if you use a wall or floor. There are no special equipment requirements required when doing these workouts.

The first three weeks consist of six exercises and the last two weeks consist of ten exercises. The exercises vary depending upon which workout you choose. For example, the second week’s workout includes only four exercises while the third week’s workout contains eight different exercises. In addition to these variations, there are other factors that influence how many and what kind of bodyweight movements you need to perform during each workout. These include:

Your age – How old are you?

The older you are, the less reps of each exercise you should do.

Your weight – Are you a heavyweight bodybuilder or a track runner?

The less you weigh, the less reps of each exercise you can perform. You can do more push-ups than your heavier friend can do.

What does Weeks of Bodyweight Workouts include?

The Weeks of Bodyweight Workouts currently consists of twelve different workouts. Each routine is designed to improve your strength and endurance. The first three weeks consist of six exercises while the last two weeks consist of ten different bodyweight exercises. The first three weeks are easier than the last two weeks. These exercises are adapted from fitness routines practiced by the U.S. Navy Seals and Army Special Forces.

You must pick one of the first three weeks to begin with. You can pick a workout routine that will fit your fitness level and goals. If you cannot do one of the exercises, then pick another one that you can do. If you need to rest in between the sets, then take as much as you need.

Weight Training and Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are great alternatives to weight training. They can significantly improve an individual’s strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Regular bodyweight exercise has numerous benefits such as:

Improved muscular strength and endurance.

Higher flexibility.

Faster recovery from injuries and illnesses.

Weeks of Bodyweight Workouts (108 Workouts!) - | Gym Fit Workout

Improved balance.

Increased metabolism.

Better posture and body alignment.

Lower risk of injuries.

Boosted confidence.

If you are a beginner, then you should start with the first three weeks. The last two weeks are only intended for people who have been practicing the workouts for several weeks or months. These intense weeks will help you get in shape and ready for any challenge.

Week 1

Exercise 1 – The Chair Dips

Weeks of Bodyweight Workouts (108 Workouts!) - GymFitWorkout

Sitting on a chair, bend your arms and quickly go up and down the chair. The tempo must be at 100 beats per minute. You can use your legs to push you up but do not swing them. Just bend your knees and use them for leverage.

Exercise 2 – The Push-Ups

Most people have limited endurance when doing push-ups. As your strength increases, you will be able to do more repetitions. For now, aim for 15 repetitions. If you cannot do at least 15 repetitions, then do as many as you can. Take a break and try to increase the number of push-ups every workout.

Exercise 3 – The Pike Push-Ups

This exercise is only for the first week of workouts. Lie flat on the floor and lift your hips as if you are doing a normal push-up. Make sure your arms are fully extended and then go down until your chest almost touches the floor. Go up and down at a fast pace of 100 beats per minute.

Exercise 4 – The Running Man

This is an exercise for your arms, chest, and shoulders. Stand up straight with your hands by your side and keep your legs together. Now, run in place as fast as you can while keeping your legs, arms, and upper body in constant motion. The pace must be at 100 beats per minute. Do at least 30 seconds for the first week and then increase to a full minute.