Weeks to Your First Strongman Competition

The first thing that you need to do is to decide what type of competition you want to enter. There are several types of competitions:

1) Open – You just entered your first contest or meet and have no idea how it will go.

You don’t really care if you win or not, but you would like some sort of feedback from other competitors so that you can improve your performance next time around.

2) Semi-Pro – You’ve been competing for awhile now, but still haven’t gotten any recognition.

Maybe you’re just starting out and you want to get some experience before entering a bigger show. Or maybe you’re already very good at something else and want to step up your game a bit. Either way, this is the competition for you!

3) Pro – You’ve been competing professionally for years now and have amassed quite the resume of victories.

You want to take your strength to the next level and enter a big show.

4) Amateur – If you’re new to strongman, amateur competition might be right for you.

Just getting started with the sport?

You may feel intimidated by pro competition or even semi-pro competition. Don’t worry; all of these competitions are equally as fun and rewarding!

The next thing that you need to decide is what type of events you want to compete in. Some competitions have you pick your events when you register, while others assign them based on the order that you check in. Ask the promoter if they have a certain preference on what they would like for you to compete in.

Weeks to Your First Strongman Competition - gym fit workout

Each competition does things a little differently so try to be flexible and go with the flow!

Mega Strongman Training Packages

Mega Strongman Training Package #1: This package is designed for the beginner or novice strongman competitor. Four months of training, three times a week. This program is good for those with limited access to equipment as most of the exercises can be done with just a barbell, and bench.

Weights can be adjusted for smaller increments as needed.

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