What Makes a Great Weightlifting Gym

What Makes a Great Weightlifting Gym?

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that there are many factors which make up making a great weightlifting gym. These include:


Location – Where do you want your gym located? Is it close to home or far away from home?

You need to consider if you have enough space and how much money would it cost to build the place.


Equipment – How much equipment do you want to have at your gym? Do you want a full barbell room with free weights, machines, and free weights? Or do you just want some free weights and no equipment?

3) Size – Are you looking for a small gym or something bigger like a power house gym where they have big exercise rooms with lots of different types of equipment.


Atmosphere – What kind of atmosphere does your gym have? Does it have a friendly staff that helps out its members? Or do you feel uncomfortable when you enter the place because of the bad attitude of the staff?


Staff – Who is going to be working at your gym? Are they going to be helpful and friendly or will they treat their customers rudely?

6) Facilities – Do you want a sauna, steam room, locker room, showers etc.? These things cost money so if you want them make sure to include them in your budget.


Equipment Exclusivity – Are you going to be an “exclusive” gym or will anyone be able to join?

If you make your gym exclusive then you can charge more because obviously there will be less people able to join. The flip side is that exclusive gyms make people wait before they can join which turns people away.


Other Facilities – Are there any other facilities you want at your gym? For example, do you want a juice bar or cafe?

These can be very profitable but will also be an additional cost.


Security – Do you want security at your gym?

This costs money and needs to be considered when balancing your budget. If you have lots of expensive equipment then you may want to consider security cameras or a security guard.

10) Contracting – If you are hiring a contractor to build your gym then you need to find someone good. The last thing you want is for your contractor to build your gym shoddily and have it all come crashing down killing everyone inside.

As you can see there are a great many factors to take into consideration when starting your own weightlifting gym. Make sure you have thought about everything before you begin your journey.

Good luck!

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