What the CrossFit Games 2015 Changes Mean for You

What the CrossFit Games 2015 Changes Mean For You?

The 2014 CrossFit Games were one of the most competitive ever. There was no doubt that the competition level increased dramatically since last year’s event.

As with every year, there are many factors that contribute to this increase in competitiveness:

1) More athletes competing at once (compared to previous years).

2) New rules that affect how events are run.

3) A bigger field size than usual (due to more athletes competing at once).

4) A larger number of competitors from different gyms and teams participating in the event.

Competition Level Increases Due To More Athletes At Once

In addition to these changes, there were other reasons why the competition level increased so much this year.

There were more athletes competing at once due to the fact that there were more events. For example, there were 5 events in the Open division compared to 3 last year. This means that there are now 4 times as many athletes competing in each event.

Also, it took longer for some of the events because they had to wait until after lunch time or later before they could compete. This means that the athletes had to wait for up to 8 hours until their turn at the event.

What the CrossFit Games 2015 Changes Mean for You - GymFitWorkout

Waiting that long in between events for the weekend meant that many of the athletes did not leave the area like they did last year.

Less movement and more athletes in one area gave off a more competitive vibe. After all, there were now more people who could potentially beat you. You didn’t want to be beaten, so you made sure your training was on point.

New Rules Changes The Way The Events Were Run

The more athletes competing at once also changes the way that events are run. For example, in the snatch ladder event, only 20 athletes got to go at once. This meant that only 20 athletes got to snatch as quickly as possible and move on to the next round. The rest had to wait for hours until their turn.

In some ways, this was good because it limited the number of people who could potentially get injured as they were waiting around. However, if you didn’t qualify for that particular round, then you had to wait around for several hours while everyone else was competing.

This also meant that the athletes that did qualify had to wait around until everyone completed that round. This led to long wait times between events and long waits between rounds within each event.

More Competition Due To More Teams And Gyms Participating

Speaking of longer wait times, there were significantly more teams and gyms competing this year compared to previous years. While this is a good sign for the sport as a whole, it also meant that there were more people to compete against. This increased the level of competition because smaller teams that normally would not have qualified in previous years could get in now.

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