What the Hollywood Stars Know About Fitness That You Don’t

What the Hollywood Stars Know About Fitness That You Don’t: Celebrities Who Do Not Workout

The fact that these celebrities are not working out may be due to one of two reasons. One reason could be because they have no time or simply because they don’t want to work out.

Another reason could be due to their own personal beliefs which prevent them from doing so.

There are many famous people who do not exercise. These include some of the most popular stars like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Angelina Jolie.

Some of these celebrities might not necessarily be against exercising but they just choose to avoid it due to various reasons such as religious beliefs or health concerns. Others may not exercise because they feel that it’s too hard for them or they’re afraid of hurting themselves while doing so.

Here are some of the top celebrities who don’t workout:

1. Angelina Jolie (Angel)

Angelina Jolie doesn’t exercise. She does however enjoy yoga and she enjoys going to the beach with her family.

What the Hollywood Stars Know About Fitness That You Don't - gym fit workout

However, when it comes to getting fit, she prefers to stay at home and read books rather than get into shape! The actress was once quoted saying “I’ve never been a fitness freak.”

2. Jennifer Aniston (Rachel from Friends)

Jennifer Aniston has admitted to never going to the gym. She believes that you only live once and is not concerned with staying in shape.

The actress’s words to People magazine were “I don’t work out. I’m not against it because I’ve seen a lot of people that are like fanatics about it, but it’s just not something that’s for me.”

3. Jennifer Lopez (Alex from the famous movie, The Wedding Planner)

Jennifer Lopez is another star that does not exercise. The singer admitted to not doing it in the past but has since started a bit more recently.

The reason as to why she avoids it may be due to her busy schedule. She was once also quoted saying “I get really bored when I have to go to the gym.”

4. Jennifer Lawrence (The famous character known as Katniss Everdeen)

What the Hollywood Stars Know About Fitness That You Don't - GymFitWorkout

Jennifer Lawrence does not work out. Her exact words to Vanity Fair were “I don’t work out.

If somebody were to say, ‘Hey, you have to go lift weights,’ I’d be like, ‘No.’ I don’t really like the whole regimented thing.” She prefers to stay active by running everywhere and walking a lot. She mainly remains in shape due to her natural energy that she has.

5. David Beckham (England’s most famous football player)

David Beckham avoids working out and prefers other types of sports instead. He has even said that “I like playing golf, going to the gym to play basketball, but I don’t have a passion for things like running.”

6. Ben Stiller (Ben from the movie Night at the Museum)

Ben Stiller is another celebrity who doesn’t exercise. He prefers to avoid it all costs, like many others on this list.

He once told reporters that working out “seems boring.”

7. George Clooney (Batman in Batman and Robin)

George Clooney doesn’t exercise for the same reason a lot of people don’t…

He’s too busy! The Academy Award winner has admitted that he doesn’t have time to work out because of his very busy schedule.

8. Salma Hayek (The famous movie, Desperado)

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Salma Hayek doesn’t exercise and hates it. She once told reporters that “I’m not a gym person…

I prefer to do things I like doing such as dancing.”

9. Ian Somerhalder (Boone from Lost)

Ian Somerhalder doesn’t work out either. He stopped after his first year of high school so he could concentrate in school.

The actor was once also quoted saying “I’ve never really been a gym person, I prefer hiking and getting outside and enjoying nature.”

10. Megan Fox (Megan from Transformers)

Megan Fox doesn’t work out and can be found enjoying herself at parties with friends rather than at the gym. She was once quoted saying “I guess I have a pretty fast metabolism.”

There you have it folks! Those are ten top celebrities who don’t exercise.

Stay tuned for more lists soon!

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