What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling

What to pack for train travel?

The following items are essential for traveling by train. You need to have these items if you want to enjoy your trip on a high level. If you don’t have any of them, then it means that you will not get the most out of your trip.

1) A good pair of shoes: These should be comfortable and stylish.

They should fit well with your feet.

2) A hat: You will be spending a lot of time outdoors so you need to protect yourself from the sun and rain.

A hat would be useful for keeping off the cold.

3) Sunscreen: You will spend a lot of time outside so you need to keep away from harmful UV rays.

4) Water bottle: This one is very handy since it keeps water fresh longer.

Also, it helps you stay hydrated during long trips.

5) Wallet: You will use your wallet a lot on trains.

So, it is necessary to carry one along.

6) Sunglasses: You may be using them on trains too.

What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling - gym fit workout

Therefore, they are very helpful in protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

7) Camera: It is always good to take some pictures of things around you.

Even if you do not plan to post them online, it would still be nice to remember those moments later.

Train travel essentials

Below are some items that can make your trip a whole lot better:

1) Snacks: These are always handy when you get a sudden hankering for something sweet or savory.

2) Magazines and/or books: These are great for whiling away the time during long train journeys.

Just make sure that the books are not so thick since you will not have enough space for them in your bag.

3) Slippers: You can use these to avoid getting dirt inside the coaches.

What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Also, your feet will thank you after a whole day of walking and standing.

4) Raincoat: This is very useful during monsoon season.

You do not want to get wet and catch a cold or worse, a fever!

5) Door lock: You can use this to secure yourself inside the sleeper or AC compartment.

This is useful if you are travelling alone and want to take a nap during the day.

There you have it: the basics of what you need to pack when traveling by train. Of course, you might want to bring some other things too but these essentials are what most people do not forget to bring.

What to wear in train?

In this section we talk about what to wear in train travel. This is important for making your journey comfortable.

1) Comfortable shoes: You will be doing a lot of walking while you are on the train.

To avoid getting blisters on your feet, make sure that your shoes are clean and do not squeeze your feet too much.

2) Coaches: There are different types of coaches that you can board on a train.

Some of them are sleeper coaches, first-class A/C coaches, and general A/C coaches. If you want to travel comfortably, it is best to travel in the A/C coaches. The first-class A/C coaches are even better since there is more leg room and the seats recline.

3) Luggage: You can take one bag with you in the coach while you can take two bags in the sleeper and AC coaches.

Make sure that your luggage is carry-on size so that it does not exceed the allowed limit.

What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling - gym fit workout

4) Essentials: No matter what type of coach you are traveling in, it is best to have some essentials with you.

These include a water bottle, a snack, a book or e-reader, headphones, and some extra clothes.

These are some tips on what to wear in train travel as well as what to pack. By following these tips, you can ensure that your journey is as comfortable as possible.

How to get a upper berth in train?

We all have experienced falling sleep on a train. Whether it is in a general coach or in an air conditioned class, it is common to let the rocking motion of the train put you to sleep.

But what if you could choose your seat before the journey starts?

Here are some tips on how to get a upper berth in train;

1) It is best to reach early at the station and choose your seat.

It is not easy to get a seat in an air conditioned coach. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

2) If you are travelling with a lot of luggage, you could consider sitting in the goods carriage or the guards compartment.

These carriages usually have seats left vacant since not too many people want to carry heavy luggage and sit in a cramped area.

3) Another way to get a seat is to book it in advance.

Most of the seats in the air conditioned coaches are reserved well in advance.

What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling - gym fit workout

If you still cannot get a seat, do not worry! There are other ways to pass the time on the train. You can talk to people sitting next to you or simply enjoy the view passing by your window. Most journeys last for more than a day so it is important to keep yourself entertained.

At some stations, you might get to see people selling tea, coffee, and snacks. These people usually walk along the platform and shout out their orders. If you are hungry or thirsty, you could buy something from them.

On a long journey, it is also fun to watch the different types of people on the train. Some of them are travellers like you while others are locals who are traveling to the city to see a doctor or do some business. Who knows, you might even make a friend!

How to maintain hygiene while travelling in train?

We all know how dirty our hands can get after a long day at school. When we can, we like to wash them with soap and water.

What if you are travelling on a train and do not have access to any water?

1) Always keep a handkerchief with you.

A handkerchief can be used in many different ways. You could use it to wipe sweat from your face or nosebleed from your nose. In an emergency, you could also use it as a sling if you hurt your arm.

2) Always keep a towel with you.

You would be surprised at how many different uses a towel has! You could wrap it around your neck if you are feeling hot or wet it to cool yourself down.

3) Always carry a bottle of water with you.

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Even if you do not feel thirsty, sipping on water will keep your mouth hydrated.

4) If you have the space, carry some wet wipes or a mini hand sanitizer with you.

These items can come in very handy if you need to clean your hands in a hurry.

5) Always carry lotion with you.

While lotion is useful for keeping your skin smooth and soft, it can also be used to prevent dry, rough skin that comes from a lack of hydration. Dry skin can become cracked, which can lead to bleeding.

6) Carry a toothbrush with you.

While most trains have a toilet, not all of them are properly cleaned. If the toilet on the train is dirty and you do not want to use it, you could step outside the train to a nearby convenience store or rest stop to use their washroom.

7) If there is no water available, you could try chewing on a piece of fresh grass.

What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Chewing on grass can help to freshen your breath and keep your mouth hydrated.

8) Always carry a handkerchief, wet wipes, and lotion with you.

You do not want to be caught without these items when you need them the most.


Most trains have more than one carriage. The different carriages are used for different purposes.

Please do not play in the doors connecting the carriages. These doors can be opened while the train is moving and you could fall out.

Always stay in your seat and hold on to the hand rails when the train is moving. If you need to get off the train, wait until it has come to a complete stop.

If you are taking a long train trip, you will need to use the washroom at some point. While most trains have toilets, not all of them are properly cleaned. If the train’s toilets are dirty and you do not want to use them, you could step outside the train to a nearby convenience store or rest stop to use their washroom.

What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling - GYM FIT WORKOUT

If you need money for snacks or drinks, there should be an attendant onboard the train who can sell you something. Do not get off the train to get something to eat or drink. The train can leave without you if you do not return in time!

Always stay with your friends when you are travelling on a train. It can be very easy to get lost on a train. This is especially true if the train gets delayed and you are forced to spend the night on the train.

Always be careful around train tracks. Though the trains themselves are the biggest danger, you also need to avoid touching the third, high-voltage wire that supplies power to the train. This wire can kill you!

You may want to sleep on the train, especially if you are travelling long distances. Be very careful when choosing your bed. Avoid choosing beds over locker rooms, engine rooms, or underneath the tracks. Trains can move a long distance during the night and you could fall off if you sleep in the wrong spot.

Always keep track of which station you got on at. If you need to get off the train, arrive at your desired station, or if a medical emergency arises, this information will be vital.

Always keep track of the direction the train is going. While trains generally have signs indicating their directions and final destinations, it can still be easy to get confused. If you are unsure if you should get on a train or not, try asking another passenger.

If the train you are taking makes a stop in a large city, it is likely that the train will become very crowded. Be careful of your surroundings and keep an eye on your luggage while you are on the train. It can become very easy to lose sight of your things while on a crowded train.

If you want to take pictures while on the train, ask the people around you first. Some people may not want to be photographed for personal reasons. If you are in a country that is sensitive about terrorism, you may want to avoid taking pictures of certain things (like emergency exits or the engine) altogether.

What to Pack and How to Train While Traveling - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Be aware of pickpockets on the train. A crowded train makes it easy for pickpockets to operate without being noticed. Do not put your important belongings in your pockets or let them out of your sight.

A lot of long-distance trains have dining and bar cars. These cars can be a lot of fun but keep track of your spending! It is all too easy to spend a small fortune at these bars, especially if you have a large group of people with you.

Most trains have bathrooms, though they are not as plentiful as you might expect. If you need to use the bathroom and the train does not have one, you can ask the conductor if you can get off to use a rest stop or fast food bathroom.

Train rides can be a lot of fun. If you follow these tips, they can be safe too. Have fun!

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