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Chuck Liddell was born July 15th, 1960 in San Diego County California. He is currently retired from professional wrestling. He made his debut at age 19 against Terry Gordy at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain where he lost to Gordy by disqualification after being hit with a chair during the match. Liddell returned to wrestle again at Wrestlemania XII in 1993 and won the World Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hogan before retiring once again due to injury in 1995. Liddell would go on to appear in several movies such as “The Scorpion King” (1997), “The Rocketeer” (1998) and most recently, “Titanic: The Beginning” (2013).

Liddell’s career began when he was just 17 years old. He had been training since childhood and wrestled in local amateur shows around Southern California.

His first major break came when he defeated fellow wrestler Joey Maggs in a tag team match at the age of 18. He then went on to defeat future WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino in a singles match at the same event. After this victory, Liddell was signed by WCW where he teamed up with fellow wrestlers Scott Norton and Tommy Rich. They were successful for awhile until they were dropped off to their current status as part of the nWo faction. Liddell left the company in the late 90’s and would return to wrestle for them again in 2006. During this time, he joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship and became a legend in that sport as well.

While at the University of California in Los Angeles, Liddell joined a pick-up football game where he was spotted by martial arts film star Jean-Claude Van Damme. Van Damme was impressed by Liddell’s physique and how he threw people around the field.

He offered him the role of the villain in his movie “Nowhere to Run”. The movie was not a big success but it lead to a sequel called “Second in Command” which finally gave him the acting break he needed. Chuck Liddell now has over 40 film credits to his name and has appeared alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

It is through his work as an actor that Chuck Liddell met his wife, filed for divorce in 2008 and was granted the split in 2009. He has stated that although he still loves her very much, their relationship had been over for a long time.

They have one son together who was born in 2007.

Chuck Liddell is now involved with the California-based fitness company Xtreme MMA. He is a spokesman for the company and also actively promotes their brand.

It is important to know that it’s not a piece of cake to become a movie star.

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