What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50

What You Need To Know to Start Working Out After 50

You are not only looking forward to your birthday but also want to start working out after 50. There are many reasons why you need to work out after 50. One reason is because you have less time than before. Another reason is that you don’t feel like exercising anymore due to various health problems or even just lack of motivation. But if you are still interested in starting working out after 50 then read on.

1) You Have Less Time Than Before: If you have less time than before, it means that you need to spend more time on other things such as taking care of family or getting married.

Then there is no point in going to the gym and lifting weights. So, you might not be able to do all the exercises at least once a week even though they are very important for your body.

2) You Don’t Feel Like Exercising Anymore Due to Various Health Problems: You might have some medical condition which prevents you from doing any kind of physical activity.

For example, you might have heart disease or diabetes. These conditions make it difficult for you to perform certain activities such as walking, running and jumping rope.

3) Your Motivation Is Low: If your motivation is low then it will be hard for you to keep up with regular exercise routine.

If you are not motivated, then you might skip your usual routines which can cause long-term problems in the future.

4) You Want to Get Back into Shape: Even after doing some regular exercise for a few years, you still don’t feel like getting back into shape.

It happens with a lot of people, especially after they hit their forties or fifties. Sometimes, people just lose interest in working out even though they know it is good for them.

If any of these reasons apply to you, then you should continue reading. This article will address some of these common issues and give some tips on how to workout after 50.

How Often Should A 50 Year Old Exercise?

The amount that a person needs to work out varies from person to person. It also depends on your lifestyle and what types of exercises you are doing. In general, most people can get by with at least one workout a week. You probably won’t see immediate changes in your body if you only have time to exercise once or twice a week. You also might not see much difference after a month or two.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - gym fit workout

If you are physically fit and strong then you can probably get away with working out less than someone who is out of shape and sedentary. Other factors like your body type and genetics also determine how much you need to work out.

While it is true that less is more, you should try to get some kind of activity on most days of the week. Whether you decide to go for a walk, do basic aerobics, or some light weight training, you can’t just let your health decline.

How Can I Get Motivated?

Everyone loses motivation from time to time. When you don’t feel like doing something, there are a few things that can help.

1) Take a break: This might be the best option for some people.

If your schedule is just too hectic or chaotic then you probably won’t have time to exercise. In this case, you should take a break until things calm down. Once you have more free time, you will have the motivation to work out again.

2) Listen to Music: Listening to music can be a great way to get motivated.

It can take your mind off of any discomfort you are feeling and help you forget about any pain you have. While exercising, it is important not to wear earbuds because it can reduce your awareness of your surroundings. Just make sure you don’t listen to music at an excessively loud volume.

3) Find an Exercise Buddy: If you have someone to exercise with, then it can be more fun and rewarding.

You can also hold each other accountable so you both show up for your workouts. This is why a lot of people like to workout with a spouse or partner.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - GYM FIT WORKOUT

4) Set Specific Goals: You will get the most out of your training if you have specific goals in mind.

For example, you could try to complete a 5k run or get your bench press up to 150 lbs. Once you achieve these goals, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and be more motivated to workout again.

What Kind Of Exercise Should I Do?

You can do many different types of exercises. The important thing is that you are putting physical demand on your body. There is no one exercise that works every muscle in your body. It is recommended that you do a combination of exercises from pull, push, legs, core and overall body exercises.

Pull: Exercises like rowing, pull-ups, and lat pulldowns target the back and arms.

Push: Presses, dips, and other pushing exercises work the chest and front of the arms.

Legs: These exercises include anything that involves the legs such as squats and leg presses.

Core: Abdominal exercises like crunches, as well as back exercises work the core.

There are also total body workouts that involve a variety of these exercises to work every part of your body.

Where Can I Find a Workout Routine?

There are many workout routines that you can find on the internet or at your local library. The following books are some of the better known resources in the world of bodybuilding.

-The Bible of Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

-Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

-Modern Trends in Weight Training by Jack M. Tripper.

-The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

-Flex Appeal by Ben flexer.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - Picture

-No Nonsense Muscle Building by Jason Ferruggia.

-New Advances in Fitness by David Robson.

-The Dynamic Laws of Fitness by Mel Siff and Yuri Verkhoshansky.

What Equipment Do I Need?

The type of equipment you need depends on what kind of exercise you’re going to be doing.

-Free Weights: This includes dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates. These are more expensive than the other options, but allow for more control and flexibility in your training.

-Machine weights: This includes a large array of machines such as leg presses, chest press, rowers, etc. These are good if you’re injured and can’t use free weights. They are also good for people who don’t have a lot of strength or balance.

-Resistance Bands: These include large elastic bands that provide resistance when stretched. These are good for people on the go since they are easily transportable.

What Should I Eat?

The type of diet that you should follow depends on your goals. If your goal is to gain muscle, then you will need to eat more calories than you consume. Most of your diet should come from complex carbs and protein. Fats should only be consumed in small quantities. Here is a sample meal plan for bulking:

Breakfast: Oatmeal cooked with milk and raisins.

Morning Snack: Apple

Lunch: Brown Rice, Chicken and mixed vegetables.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - | Gym Fit Workout

Afternoon Snack: Piece of fruit

Dinner: Whole-wheat pasta, lean beef and green beans.

Evening Snack: Nuts or a protein shake.

Once you’ve gained the weight, you’ll need to adjust your diet in order to lose fat and reveal the lean muscle you’ve built. Follow a calorie deficit diet (eat less) and do a lot of high intensity cardio (jogging, running, swimming, etc.) along with your regular weight training. This is known as “cutting.”

Water Intake: It is important to drink at least 2 liters of water every day in addition to the water present in food.

The following foods should be consumed in moderation:

Including these in your diet won’t harm your efforts, but should not be over consumed as they are high in calories:

Foods to avoid:

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - GymFitWorkout

Greasy/fatty foods, sugar, honey, bread, pastries, fast food, fried food, pizza, soda and most beer.

How Can I Gain Weight?

If you’re below your ideal weight, then you need to bulk up a bit. Follow the diet plan above and do heavy weights with moderate repetitions.

There are many who have difficulty gaining weight. In order to gain weight, you must consume more calories than you burn. The best way to do this is to follow the meal plan above and make sure you’re getting adequate rest. If that doesn’t work, try adding some supplements into your diet such as protein shakes and weight gainers (However, it is best to only use these in addition to food, not as a substitute).

How Long Does It Take?

The time required for you to see results in the mirror is about 6-8 weeks. It takes about that long for your muscles to grow so you can see them if you’re new to working out. If you’ve been exercising before, it’ll take about 3 weeks for your body to start showing positive results.

In order to see results, you need to be consistent with your training. Stick with it for at least a month and you should see some results.

These are only guidelines, there are many different factors that can affect your rate of success.

Being the strongest man doesn’t mean you’re the best. Being strong is just one aspect of what it means to be good in battle.

The best way to tell if you’re making progress is to take “before” pictures and compare them to pictures you’ve taken after a few weeks. You also need speed, good accuracy, and the ability to endure hardship. You should also be able to feel it when your muscles begin to develop.

There are many skills that a warrior needs in addition to strength.

Swordsmanship: This involves using a sword in battle. This is not just for striking your enemies, but also for blocking their attacks and disarming them of their weapon.

This skill can be learned from a Master Swordsman, purchased from a Sword Master, or learned from a book:

Master Swordsman: These people have lived their life mastering the art of fencing.

For best results, follow the diet tips on this page and be sure to get adequate sleep. They can teach you how to wield a sword.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - from our website

Sword Master: These teachers are able to teach a student the ways of fencing and advanced swordplay.

Acquiring a Sword: You can find a sword just about anywhere, but for the best chances visit a Blacksmith or a looted battle field.

Learning from a book: You can learn the basics of fencing from a book, but in order to truly be effective you’ll need someone to teach you first.

This skill can only be learned once your strength is above ten.

Wrestling: This involves close combat fighting with choke holds, arm locks, and take downs. Those with this skill can flip an enemy to the ground and keep them there.

You can learn from:

Farmer: Many farmers learn this skill as a way to deal with aggressive livestock and to protect their crops from animals and thieves. It’s also handy for defending your home against thieves and other threats.

You can learn from:

Apprenticeship: You can find an experienced wrestler to teach you in exchange for chores or a fee.

Self-Taught: You can try imitate what you see others do.

Trading Punches With Ogres: This is the art of fighting larger enemies by dodging their attacks and striking back with your own punches.

This skill can only be learned once your strength is ten or higher and you have good sight.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - Picture

Archery: This skill deals with using bows and arrows to take down enemies from afar.

You can learn from:

Self-Taught: You can try to imitate what you see others do or read about in books.

Trading Punches With Ogres: Obviously, this is dangerous, but if you want to practice archery, it is an option. You’ll just need a lot of arrows.

This skill can only be learned once your agility is ten or higher depending on your race.

Shield Use: This involves using a shield to defend against enemy attacks and using it as a weapon. Only humans and Zalan have access to this skill as other races are unable to handle the heavy shields necessary for this skill.

This skill can only be learned once your strength is ten or higher and you have good eye sight.

Dual Weapon Use: This skill allows a person to use a weapon in each hand including daggers, swords, axes, maces, and claws.

This skill can only be learned once your agility is ten or higher.

Leadership: This skill allows you to boost the morale and all around fighting abilities of any unit that you command allowing for more coordinated attacks and stronger defenses.

This skill can only be learned once your charisma is ten or higher.

Alchemy: This skill involves not only the creation of potions, but also various explosives, poisons, and medicines.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Self-Taught: You can attempt to figure out the basics on your own.

Apprenticeship: You can find an alchemist to work with you. Many would be willing to teach you for a small fee or even free of charge if you help out with some of the more mundane potion brewing and testing.

Unit Attributes:

Strength: This attribute determines how powerful your soldiers and mercenaries are. The higher this attribute the more damage they will inflict and the heavier weapons they can wield if different weapons scales with different attributes.

Orc Strength: 8

Size: This attribute determines the size of creatures in units. The bigger the unit the more enemies it can hit and take hits from however larger units also are slower, less able to dodge, and less able to move unnoticed.

Size Zalnst: 2

Agility: This attribute determines how quick your unit is and dodge enemy attacks. The higher this skill the more likely a unit will be hit by enemies and the less damage they will take from successful hits.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Archery: This skill allows a unit to inflict more damage with bows and other ranged weapons. A higher rating raises accuracy, damage, and range.

Damage: This skill determines how much damage a unit does with each hit.

Resilience: This skill determines how many wounds a unit has before being killed. The Resiliency skill of a unit when compared with the damage inflicted determines if a unit lives or dies.

Zalan Units:

Zalan Lancers: Your own nation is protected by the mighty Zalan Empire, and the Zalan Empire only drafts humans into its military. The Zalan Lancers are comprised of only the best of these humans. These troops are heavily armored and equipped with the best weapons available to the army. These soldiers make use of the lance as their primary weapon but most also carry a short sword as a secondary weapon. They wear heavy plate mail and when mounted, are one of the finest heavy cavalry in this world.

Mounts are not just horses, but they are actually a fierce breed of ogre/horse crossbred by ancient wizards centuries ago. Their mounts also have plate mail armor to protect it as well.

Your Zalan Lancers are a well-respected and well-trained force capable of engaging the enemy effectively on land or sea.

Zalan Archers: The Zalan Archers are some of the best marksmen in the known world. They are lightly armored and can move at speeds to match the fastest of your Zalan Lancers, but do not have the heavy armor nor the size of the Zalan Lancers. Their primary weapons are bows, although some carry swords, or axes for up close work.

They can lay down an impressive volley of shots at the enemy, but they primarily serve to weaken the enemy forces before your Lancers move in to deliver the final killing blows.

Zalan Marines: The Zalan Navy is small but respectable, and works in conjunction with the Zalan Empire’s armies. The Zalan Marines are the sailors aboard the ships, they are also equipped as light infantry and can serve on land, although they are primarily oriented for sea battles.

These soldiers are not usually part of the standing army, but rather they are drawn from the civilian population and are under the command of the navy, which is in turn under the command of the Empire. They have a reputation for being excellent sailors and fighters, though maybe a little undisciplined at times. Nonetheless they have been serving the Empire faithfully for centuries and are ready to follow your orders faithfully as well.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Other Units: There are other types of units, though their numbers are small and almost all of them are elite forces. These include mountain giants, rogue elves, dark elves, undead knights, and a few other creatures. You can always create more units with your new Eternals, but these types will probably remain small in number or not be used at all.

Opinions on this new class of Eternals are mixed. Some see them as the next step in human evolution, where others see them as a bunch of soulless monsters. You’ll let the rumors spread and judge for yourself how effective they will be in combat.

With your troops assembled and your Eternals ready, you are ready to move out and take the fight to the undead hordes. You have an idea of where to start, but the choice is up to you on where you want to begin the attack.

You could

Attack the Nurosian Stronghold, beginning a full scale invasion of the city. This would likely prompt a full scale retreat by the undead and be able to effectively break their lines of defense.

Target the Necromancer Lord in the Tulan Kingdom, eliminating him first would likely throw the rest of the undead into disarray and cause chaos.

Target the Eyes of the Necromancer, the supposed “intelligence” network of the undead. If you could eliminate them, it would throw the rest of the undead into confusion and disarray.

Target the Neroth Worshippers, they are the closest area of large concentration of enemy troops. Success here might make them surrender or at least flee and cut off vital support for the other locations.

You can also choose to attack somewhere else, or create your own plan.

You can also just wait as more troops arrive and build up your forces to prepare for a full scale attack.

At any rate, prepare for your attack, and await the arrival of your new troops from Zalan. When you are ready, you take to the field and meet your new soldiers.

You ride proudly at the head of your army, with your new Eternals following closely behind. Your new soldiers are equipped with the best armor money can buy, as well as the finest weapons. They look professional and determined. They look like Eternals.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - Picture

Your arrival in the area is heralded by the burning of several small towns. This is normally something a little beneath an Eternal, but considering the brutality of the townsfolk, you decide that it will indeed be a service to humanity to wipe out the inhabitants.

You begin by locating the largest concentration of enemy troops. They recognize your banners and either flee or surrender immediately. Those that don’t are cut down by your merciless soldiers.

With no major enemy force in the area, you select a nearby village as your temporary base of operations. By now word has gotten around that there are Eternals in the area and more peasants than ever come out of the woodwork to give themselves up. They also begin to spill useful information about the surrounding area.

Most importantly, they mention the name “Brunthal” repeatedly, which you find out is the next closest town of decent size and the next goal. You also learn that it’s located in a valley surrounded by mountains. There is only one pass to get into it, and that is usually well guarded by orc and ogre tribes.

With this information in mind, you decide on a plan of action.

You have the peasants in the surrounding area, as well as those in your makeshift base, gather supplies and food for your army, while your soldiers train and prepare for battle.

Two days pass and soon you have an army large enough to destroy an entire orc/ogre tribe placed under your command. You feel truly prepared and confident for the first time since you took command of this army. You decide to give the order to march at first light.

At dawn everyone is awake and chomping at the bit to get there, but you hold them back. There’s no point in rushing. You eat breakfast with your lieutenants and discuss plans of action. You’re just about to give the order to march when you hear a commotion outside.

You go out to investigate and see an old man stumbling towards your base.

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - gym fit workout

The man steadies himself and says, “I am but a humble shepherd. I live in the mountains and tend to my flock, but I have heard rumors of your presence. These mountains are filled with orcs and ogres that would love nothing more than to slit every human’s throat in the area. If you go in there recklessly you will definitely be killed. However, if you wait awhile, I can gather some men together and we could eliminate the threat forever.

I can tell you where the tribes are located and their approximate size. If you give us a few days, we can eliminate them forever. You would be a hero.”

You consider his offer. While you’re tempted to just attack, you do have the time to spare and eliminating the orcs would improve the security in this region greatly, freeing up your soldiers from having to constantly patrol and eliminating the need to build a fort of your own.

“Very well, old man. I shall give you your few days. If we haven’t heard from you by the next new moon, we will take matters into our own hands.”

“Thank you sir, thank you! I’ll be back before you know it. My name’s Halgyn by the way, I’m sure we’ll see each other again.” And with that, the man takes his leave.

“I have to say sir, I’m not sure about this.” Lieutenant Verant says. “It seems like a waste of time to me. We could be killing orcs not dancing around with this human nonsense.”

“I know what you mean, but this is too good an opportunity to pass up. Orc tribes are a serious threat to border security, and eliminating them while saving humans at the same time increases our own stability.”

“I suppose so sir, but I have a bad feeling about this. If we attack those orcs without the help of the humans, we’ll be able to take them by surprise. The tribes will probably be fighting each other as well when they hear we’re attacking, that’ll lessen their effectiveness.”

What You Need to Know to Start Working Out After 50 - GymFitWorkout

“Hmm, perhaps you’re right. Alright let’s do it like that then.” You make the change in plans and preparations are made.

Three days pass and there’s still no sign of Halgyn or any humans for that matter. You’re starting to get impatient.

“We really need to push forward now. Every day we wait is a day the orcs get stronger.” Captain Durrak says.

“I know, but we’ll do it like we planned.

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