What’s Inside a Muay Thai Fighter’s Gym Bag? The 10 Must-Have Items


Things You Should Know About What’s Inside A Muay Thai Fighter’s Gym Bag?


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Yes! If you purchase at least one item from our store, we’ll throw in a free pair of gloves or gis. Just add the items to your cart and proceed through checkout.


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The 10 Must-Have What’s Inside A Muay Thai Fighter’s Gym Bag?

Here we will look at the 10 must-have items inside a muay thai fighter’s gym bag.

What do you put in your gym bag?

Check out this list of the 10 must-have items inside a muay thai fighter’s gym bag. In this article we look at what’s inside a muay thai fighter’s gym bag. The content of this article covers what’s inside a muay thai fighte’s gym bag. In this article we look at different things inside a muay thai fighte’s gym bag.

1) Handwrap

What's Inside a Muay Thai Fighter's Gym Bag? The 10 Must-Have Items - from our website

To begin our list of the 10 must-have items inside a muay thai fighter’s gym bag, we start with handwrap. While not an “item,” per se, handwrap is very important for a muay thai fighter. It helps protect your hands when punching. Moreover, handwrap also gives your fists more power and makes it easier to throw punches.

Most high-end muay thai gyms provide their fighters with handwrap. However, if you’re training at a budget or low-end gym, it is best to bring your own handwrap.

2) Hand Bandage

Our second item is hand bandage. Most muay thai fighters wrap their hands. However, some do not. If you wrap your hands, you should bring a hand bandage with you because not all gyms provide them.

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