What’s Your Game Face

What’s Your Game Face?

The most common question I am asked is “what’s your game face?” or “how do you play” (or sometimes just “face”)?

I have been playing video games since my Dad gave me a Super Nintendo when I was 3 years old. My first console was the original NES and it still holds up very well! When I got my PS2, I immediately started collecting all the games because they were so fun! Then I got my Xbox 360 and played some more games. Nowadays, I play mostly online with friends and family.

Nowadays, I don’t really have time to play games anymore except maybe a few puzzle platformers like Spelunky or Limbo. But then again, those are the only ones that actually make me feel good! So if you’re looking for something different than what’s currently out there…well you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, I will share with you all the facts about what makes up a game face. You’ll learn how to create your own custom game faces and even apply them to other images. I’m sure you’ll find it interesting!

Game Faces: Facts & Tips

What Makes Up A Game Face?

A game face is simply an image that goes on top of the screen while playing a video game. It is usually an image of a celebrity, artist, or even yourself!

You can make a game face by taking a picture of yourself making a funny face, drawing a picture, or even downloading one off the internet. Each one has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages…

Taking A Picture Of Yourself: This is probably the most common way to make a game face. And it’s pretty easy too! All you need is a camera ( cellphone, tablet, disposable, etc) and something to make a funny face.

Here are some tips:

Make sure to take the picture straight on, without any side-bias. (i.e.

– Don’t tilt your head to the left.)

Smile! But not too big or it will look really weird. A small smile works best.

Try to look as “cute” as possible.

Don’t make any weird facial expressions. (i.e.

What’s Your Game Face - gym fit workout

– don’t scrunch up your eyebrows or open your eyes too wide)

Try to look as natural as possible, like you’re not making a face at all! This is usually the hardest part.

Taking A Picture Of Someone Else: This is pretty much the same thing as above, except you use a camera to take a picture of someone else making a funny face.

Drawing A Picture: You can draw a picture with any kind of drawing utensil like pencils, markers or crayons. You can also use a stylus and tablet for digital drawing. Here are some tips:

When drawing on paper, use as little erasing as possible. This will keep the picture looking fresh and clean.

When drawing on a tablet, make sure to use a hard stylus or your fingers (so you don’t smudge or smear). Also, be sure to sign into your account if you want to save the picture!

When erasing anything in Photoshop (or any other kind of editing software), use the eraser tool and only erase what you need to. This will make the picture look clean.

Drawing On A Computer: Using a photo editing software, you can easily manipulate an image and turn yourself or someone else into a face. Here are some tips:

When using software such as Photoshop or GIMP, use the “Lasso” tool to draw around specific parts of the face that you want to change (lips, eyes, nose, etc). Then, use the “transform”

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