When Paleo Doesn’t Work: 3 Ways to Eat Well and Maintain Your Sanity During Pregnancy

When Paleo Doesn’t Work: 3 Ways to Eat Well and Maintain Your Sanity During Pregnancy

1) Whole30 (Paleo or Not!


The Whole30 program was created by Mark Sisson, a well known blogger with over 10 million followers. He started the program in 2011, which is now in its fourth year. It’s been very successful among many readers.

The program consists of 30 days of eating only plant based foods. You’re supposed to follow it religiously, but there are no hard rules. Some people have reported great success with the Whole30 program. However, some people haven’t had much luck following it at all. There are other programs out there like the Paleo Diet, which is another popular one.

There are several reasons why people fail to adhere to the Whole30 program during pregnancy and even after giving birth!

2) Low Carb Diets Are Bad For Babies!

Low carb diets are bad for babies because they don’t get enough essential nutrients from them. A low carb diet is high in fat and sugar, so it doesn’t provide the necessary vitamins and minerals your baby needs. If you want to give birth to healthy children, then you need to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish, eggs and dairy products.

A high protein diet is very important for pregnant women. It’s true that you should eat less fat during pregnancy, but you still need to eat some fat. This will give your baby the essential fats it needs to develop properly inside your belly. Low fat diets simply won’t do.

Many mothers claim they have had a lot of success with the paleo diet while they were pregnant. The paleo diet is very different from the Whole30 diet. It’s much more balanced and it doesn’t cut out certain food groups like the Whole30 does.

This is why paleo is a much more practical diet to follow and stick to on a regular basis.

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3) The Second Reason Paleo Is A Better Choice For Pregnancy

The second reason why paleo is a better choice than the Whole30 diet is because you’re allowed to have dairy products. This is very important during pregnancy, especially if you’re still breastfeeding your baby. We’ve already established that the Whole30 doesn’t allow you to eat dairy.

Well this is a big problem since most of the calcium in your body comes from dairy products (especially milk) and a lack of calcium can cause several health issues for both you and your baby including osteoporosis.

Of course you can always take supplements, but it’s always best to get nutrients from real food whenever possible. Dairy products give you the nutrients you need to keep your bones strong. This will be very important during pregnancy and after birth, especially if you’re planning on breastfeeding.

Why the Paleo eating plan is the better option for pregnancy:

The paleo diet is a lot less restrictive than the Whole30 diet.

You’ll get all the nutrients you need to keep your bones strong from dairy products.

Your baby will be born strong and healthy!

When Paleo Doesn't Work: 3 Ways to Eat Well and Maintain Your Sanity During Pregnancy - GYM FIT WORKOUT

You’re also less likely to get bored with the paleo diet since it allows for a lot of variety. You won’t suffer from cravings as much as you do on the Whole30 either.

You’re less likely to suffer from constipation or other digestive issues.

You’ll have a much easier time sticking with the paleo diet, which is very important for both you and your baby.

It’s Still Important To Exercise During Pregnancy

If you want to have a healthy pregnancy, then it’s still vitally important that you exercise regularly. I highly recommend that you talk to your doctor first before doing any heavy lifting or other high impact exercises like running.

During pregnancy, your balance and coordination will change and you’ll find that you tire a lot easier than you used to. This is perfectly normal and there’s no reason to worry, but it’s still important that you don’t push yourself too hard. Start off slow and then work your way up as your pregnancy progresses.

Even if you’re not athletic, take a walk every day. It’s a nice way to get some fresh air and it’s very good for your health and that of your baby.

Make sure to drink plenty of water too. Water helps prevent urinary tract infections, constipation and other digestive issues that are common during pregnancy.

It’s also best to take some time off from work during your pregnancy. Don’t worry, your job will still be there when you go back after giving birth.

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