Where CrossFit Fails: Training vs. Testing

Crossfit fails at training

In my opinion, Crossfit fails at training because it doesn’t have any real coaches or trainers. They don’t even have a proper facility where they train their athletes. Instead they use gyms with no real equipment and some of them are just gyms without any actual coaching staff.

So what do these guys do?

They spend all day doing nothing but cardio and weights!

I mean come on, if you’re going to waste your time doing nothing but cardio and weights, then why not go out and get a job like everyone else does?

You could make more money than working at McDonald’s!

So what happens when you put all those hours of cardio and lifting into a workout routine?

What happens is that most people don’t see results. If they do see results, it’s usually temporary.

And how long will it last before they start getting injured again? How many times have you heard someone say “I got hurt doing Crossfit”? Or worse yet, “I got hurt while doing Crossfit?”

Why would anyone want to work at a place that wastes their time and doesn’t give them results?

There are plenty of jobs out there that pay better than working at a place like Crossfit. I’ve never heard anyone say “I want to work at a gym because it’s so awesome.” If that was the case then there would be a line around the building everyday with people wanting to work at a gym.

Crossfit fails at testing

So what does Crossfit do that is so important?

Unlike other teams that have coaches or owners, Crossfit has something called “The testing” which consists of 5 different exercises done 5 different times.

How does this prove anything?

It doesn’t. All it does is prove that the staff has nothing better to do with their time. And when I say staff, I don’t just mean coaches or owners, I’m talking about the athletes as well.

How hard is it for you to do a bunch of different exercises 5 different times and tell everyone how much you can lift?

If everyone did these “tests” everyday then it wouldn’t be special at all. If anything, it would be boring.

Crossfit fails at everything else

So what else does Crossfit fail at?

Crossfit fails at everything else because most of the stuff isn’t even related to fitness.

How do you fail at something you’re not even involved in?

It’s easy when you don’t focus on anything in particular. Most of their competitions are done with only Crossfitters.

Where’s the fun in that?

So what is Crossfit involved with?

There are several “games” that they do but none of them involve other types of athletes. For example they have a flipping tire game, a running with a sled game, and swinging sticks at each other till someone’s dead.

I mean where is this stuff? Why isn’t it in the Olympics?

It would certainly give the Olympics a new twist.

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