Why You Lost in the CrossFit Open and How to Win Next Year

Why You Lost in the CrossFit Open and How to Win Next Year

Crossfit Games 2017 was a great event. I am sure it will become even better next year!

There were so many good performances and some very interesting matches. But there are two things that really hurt me: 1) The number of injuries; 2) The lack of variety in the athletes’ routines.

The first point is not surprising because this is a sport where you have to push your body beyond its limits. That’s why it’s called “crossfit”.

The second one might surprise you, but it’s something that needs to be addressed.

I think that if the organizers would focus less on the athletes’ physique and more on their skills, they could make the competition more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Let’s start with the athletes. They’re all very fit and strong.

However, they don’t look like they’ve been training for years or even months. They look like they just started competing at the beginning of January. If you watch them closely, you’ll notice that most of them do not train regularly enough to get ready for these events (or any other).

For example, I saw a few guys who had never done pullups before. I’m not even talking about strict ones, I’m saying they didn’t know how to hang from the bar and get their chin above it.

You can say that these people probably hired a coach and were training for the Crossfit Open since the beginning of January, but I saw them on the stage and this was not the case.

So what does this mean?

This means that many of these people start training seriously only for these events. And this is not just a few people. Judging by the standards of this year’s games, most of these athletes are probably like that.

But why is this important?

This is important because while these people might be extremely fit, they’re not skilled and do not possess true athletic abilities. Of course there are always going to be people who are better than others in certain areas, but some of these people lack basic physical qualities that should belong to any true athlete.

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