Why Your Approach to Fixing Your Low Back Is Making It Worse

Why Your Approach to Fixing Your Low Back Is Making It Worse: Part I

The first part of my article explains why your approach to fixing your low back is making it worse. You are probably aware that you have been having problems with your lower back lately.

However, you may not realize how bad they really are or what exactly causes them. So let’s get to the bottom of this problem!

Your Approach To Fixing Your Low Back Is Making It Worse: Part II

In the second part of my article, I explain some common reasons why someone might have low back pain. These include overuse injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, herniated discs and other issues that affect your spine.

After reading this article, you will understand why you are experiencing low back pain. You will also learn how to fix it.

How To Fix Your Low Back Pain: Part III

You now know why your approach to fixing your low back is making it worse.

But how do you go about doing so?

Here is where the third part of my article comes into play. In this section, I provide specific instructions on how to fix your low back pain properly and effectively. Follow the steps listed and you will feel better in no time.

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Why Your Approach to Fixing Your Low Back Is Making It Worse: Part I

You might have heard horror stories about how someone you know had low back pain for years before it got better. Or maybe you’ve been experiencing it yourself for quite some time now.

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Maybe you’ve been told that you have herniated discs, stenosis, degenerative disc disease or another issue that’s commonly found in your lower back. You may have even been told that you will need surgery if you want to get better. In any case, you’re probably fed up with living with this pain. You want to know what you can do to fix it once and for all. Well, before I explain how to go about fixing your lower back pain, it’s important that you understand why your approach to fixing your low back is making it worse.

You see, many people go about “treating” their low back pain in all the wrong ways. They read an article online about how to fix a certain part of their body and then try to implement the methods described, only to find that it either doesn’t work or makes their pain worse.

They conclude that finding a way to fix their pain is much more complicated than they initially thought. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! The methods for fixing your back are actually quite simple. If you’re experiencing lower back pain, then it means that you have a herniated disc, stenosis, degenerative disc disease or some other issue that’s affecting your spine. And if this is the case, then there are only two methods of treatment that will reliably fix your pain: surgery and exercise.

Now, I’m sure that you’ve already tried one (or both!?) of these methods.

And if you haven’t, then I suggest that you do so immediately, because in some cases, health problems become so bad that it’s an emergency situation. In other words, if you have suicidal thoughts or are in excruciating pain, go see a doctor immediately!

But assuming that your pain isn’t at this level, then the question becomes: which of these two treatment options will work for you?

In my experience, the answer is both and neither. Let me explain…

You see, most doctors only have a limited understanding of how the human body works. They rely on medical schools to teach them the basics, and unfortunately medical schools only give their students a limited understanding of how the human body works as well.

As I’ve mentioned in other articles on this site, the education system is heavily flawed and subjects are only superficially explained. This results in doctors who treat problems as if they arise out of nowhere and go away overnight. The reality is, the human body is far more complex than most people can imagine and different approaches work for different people.

As you may know, there are over 60 million people in the United States alone that have herniated discs in their lower back. Doctors typically treat this with surgery and/or exercise.

The surgery option involves getting a spinal fusion which removes all motion from the affected vertebrae in your back. From there, the bones grow together and are fixed in place. This typically works very well and the success rate is very high. In fact, this is the method I chose when I had a herniated disc in my neck a few years ago.

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The exercise option is also very popular and involves strengthening your core muscles (abs and lower back primarily) to give your spine the support it needs to avoid pain. The theory is that if you can strengthen these muscles to their maximum potential, they will provide adequate support for your weak vertebrae.

There are many types of exercise programs that you can do on your own and if you really want to get serious about it, you can always enlist in a gym and work with a personal trainer.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: Recent studies have shown that the success rate for spinal fusion surgery is only 50% for the treatment of lower back pain. This means that after surgery, 50% of patients are still experiencing pain and have found no relief at all!

On the other hand, there is absolutely NO success rate for exercise in treating a herniated disc. In other words, doctors are pumping patients full of steroids and having them undergo dangerous spinal surgery when they could be doing something much safer and equally as effective: yoga!

I’m being serious here. The evidence is very clear that yoga can help treat and prevent back pain.

Stretching your muscles on a regular basis can do wonders and help keep your vertebrae aligned properly. There’s no need to inject dangerous chemicals into your spine or cut out a chunk of your bone if you don’t have to.

So there you have it, my suggestion on how to treat your herniated disc. In any case, I wish you the best of luck in your treatment and recovery!


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