Winning Combinations: How to Create Punching Combos

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Boxing Combinations List: How to Create Punching Combos

How to create a winning combination?

There are many ways. You can use the same way as your opponent. Or you can try something different. There are many ways to win a fight. The best way is to avoid getting punched. And if you’re going to get punched, you might as well throw one back. In this post we will learn how combination punching works and which techniques you should use in your fighting style.

There are also many different fight strategies that involve combinations. Perhaps the most basic one is the Jab-Cross.

It involves using a jab to set up a cross. Other fighters use a similar strategy with more punches.

A 3-2 is three jabs closely followed by a hook. A 1-2-3 is a jab, cross, hook.

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2-1 is a left hook, cross.

The important thing to remember when throwing combinations is balance and rhythm. Throwing three jabs without following up with a hook or cross is rather pointless, unless you’re keeping your opponent out of range with the first three jabs.

There are many different punch combinations for you to choose from. The ones listed below are just examples of what you can use.

Remember, the important thing is to mix up your attacks, keep your opponent guessing, and always maintain solid balance and rhythm in your fighting stance.

Four Punch Combinations: These involve throwing four punches in a row, not including the jab. This type of combination usually requires good balance, arm strength and a good muscular physique.

A four punch combination can be any variation of punches, such as (but not limited to) a jab-jab-cross-hook.

Five Punch Combinations: These are similar to the four punch combinations, except they involve five punches in a row, not including the jab. A great deal of arm strength and muscular control is necessary for throwing successful five punch combinations.

Some examples of five punch combinations include (but are not limited to) a jab-jab-jab-cross-hook or a jab-cross-hook-jab-cross.

Six Punch Combinations: As you might expect, these involve six punches in a row, not including the jab. These are quite difficult to pull off, but they are very effective.

Only expert boxers with great balance and arm strength should attempt a six punch combination. They often involve going from a four punch combination into a two punch combination. An example of this would be a jab-cross-hook-jab-cross-hook.

Seven Punch Combinations: There aren’t many professional boxers out there who can manage to throw seven shots in a row, especially without a jab to set the combination up. Only expert boxers with amazing balance and conditioning should attempt a seven punch combination.

Most seven punch combinations involve either mixing two different four punch combinations or a three punch combination into a single string of attacks. An example of this would be a jab-cross-hook-jab-cross-hook-jab-cross or a 1-2-3-2-1 (first set is a cross, second set is a hook).

Winning Combinations: How to Create Punching Combos - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Eight Punch Combinations: Only a precious few professional boxers are skilled enough to throw eight punches in a row and not include a jab. Throwing an eight punch combination is very difficult and it requires a great deal of balance, conditioning and muscle control.

Most eight punch combinations either come from a six or seven punch combination (which includes a jab) or they are stringing various two, three and four punch combinations together. The key to an effective eight punch combination is to keep your opponent just out of range of your last punch, but just in range of the next one. An example of an eight punch combination would be a jab-cross-hook-jab-cross-hook-jab-cross-hook.

Nine, Ten AND Eleven Punch Combinations: These are very rare and only a few boxers have ever been able to even throw a nine punch combination.

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