Wobble in Your Office Chair to Combat the Effects of Sitting

Wobble in Your Office Chair to Combat the Effects of Sitting

A few years ago I was reading a book called “The Art of Manliness” by Roosh V. When he talks about office chairs, he mentions that they are not stable enough to prevent your body from falling over when sitting at them for long periods of time. The problem with this statement is that it doesn’t really give any practical advice on how to fix this issue.

There are several ways to fix this issue, but some methods may involve a little bit of DIY work. So let’s take a look at what you need to do if you want to fix your office chair and keep yourself safe while sitting at it!

First things first, get a good quality set of safety glasses. These will protect your eyes from potential damage caused by the rocking motion of the chair. You might think that these would be expensive, but they aren’t.

They’re usually available online or at most hardware stores. If you don’t have access to these, then you could always use a pair of cheap plastic sunglasses instead.

Next, grab some heavy duty carpet tape (or whatever kind of adhesive you prefer). You’ll probably be using this a lot so make sure it’s strong enough to hold up the seat without tearing up your floor. A roll of duct tape would probably suffice as well since it won’t tear up the floor too much.

Place a piece of the carpet tape under a corner of the chair that is on the ground. Then, lift up the chair with one hand while pressing down on the carpet tape with your other hand so that it sticks to the floor. Take your time doing this and make sure to get all the sides of the chair glued down.

If it still rocks too much after this, then just place another piece of tape to the existing one to make it stronger.

Place the back of the chair against a wall and then lift it up to where the base is right up against the wall. Carefully bend at the knees and try to sit down slowly into the chair while making sure that it doesn’t fall over. If it does fall over, then place more tape on the bottom until it won’t fall anymore.

Wobble in Your Office Chair to Combat the Effects of Sitting - | Gym Fit Workout

For the arms of the chair, bend them so that they point downwards. Then, apply some of the carpet tape to the top of the arms and place them on the sides of the base of the chair so that it holds them in a fixed position. After this, proceed with lifting up the chair and taping down its base as you did before.

And just like that you will have fixed your rocking office chair!

However, some chairs come with adjustable arms that can make it difficult to keep them in a fixed position. If this is the case for you, then you have a few different options:

You can either try to see if the arms can be unscrewed and removed completely. If they are, then do so and place them aside so that you don’t lose them. Once the arms are off, proceed with the steps outlined previously to fix the chair.

If the arms cannot be removed, then you will have to improvise a bit. What you can do is take a non-marring vice grip and clamp it as tightly as you can around the part of the chair arm that is closest to the seat. This should keep it in a fixed position so that it can’t move anymore.

After this, proceed with the other steps as before.

If you don’t have a non-marring clamp, then try using any other tool that can tightly grip the arm in place. This could be pliers, a crescent wrench, or even a big set of vice grips. Anything that doesn’t scratch up or damage the arm of the chair should work.

Just make sure to place it tightly enough so that it doesn’t move.

These methods can be used for any chair that has arms that can’t be unscrewed from the base. Once these steps are done, then you shouldn’t have any more problems with your chair rocking anymore. You can now sit down in peace!

Wobble in Your Office Chair to Combat the Effects of Sitting - | Gym Fit Workout

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Wobble in Your Office Chair to Combat the Effects of Sitting - GymFitWorkout

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