Women’s Workout: Cycle 12 – 90 Day Women’s Workout Challenge, Week 1, Day 1

Women’s Workout: Cycle 12 – 90 Day Women’s Workout Challenge, Week 1, Day 2

The first day of the challenge was a bit different than others. I had been working out all morning with my friend and she asked me if I wanted to go do some work before leaving.

So after getting ready I went over to her house and did some errands while she worked at her computer. When I got back home, I decided to get something to eat since it was still pretty early. While eating dinner, my sister came into the kitchen and asked what I was doing. She knew that I didn’t have much time left so she figured that maybe we could do something together later today or tomorrow night. After talking for a minute, we both agreed that it would probably be better if we just hung out tonight instead of going out. So I went to bed and tried not to think too hard about how short the rest of the week was going to be.

I woke up around noon and realized that I had slept through lunchtime which meant that there wasn’t any food in the fridge anymore. My sister told me that she was hungry so she grabbed a bagel from one of our cabinets and brought it back into the living room where my brother was already sitting watching TV.

I went over to the living room and looked over my brother’s shoulder as he was playing a video game. He didn’t give me much time to look before he started running around and getting annihilated by some of the other team. After that, my sister yelled at him and told him she was going home since she had some errands to run. This gave me less time to try and convince her to eat out instead of cooking so I just told her I might see her later.

I came back a couple hours later to see if she was home yet, but her bedroom door was shut and I could hear the sound of the treadmill so I left without disturbing her. I did plan on going to the store and getting some groceries before it closed though, so I went to my car and headed to the market.

When I got home, my sister was still on the treadmill so I tried to be quiet while putting away the groceries. Once that was done, I decided to go shower since I hadn’t had one in a couple days.

The next day was laundry day so I spent most of the morning doing that since it takes up most of the day if you do enough to fill both machines. When I was finished with that, my sister was just coming into the house so I talked to her about what we were going to do today.

We settled on going out to eat since it was going to be the last night that we would have a lot of free time to do things together for a while. Later that night, I got home and went straight to bed since I didn’t want to ruin my streak of not exercising on rest days.

The last day of the challenge went a lot like the rest. I spent most of my morning doing chores and cleaning while my sister went to get her hair cut.

Then we headed to the store to pick up a few groceries before it closed. When I got home, I did a little bit of homework and then went to bed early since I had class the next day.

After my class on Friday I went straight to the gym and saw my sister running on one of the treadmills. I went straight to the free weight area and started with a few arm exercises before moving on to heavier stuff.

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After an hour or two, I saw my sister still jogging on the treadmill so I went over to her and asked if she wanted to lift weights with me. She gave me a quick glance and then went back to looking at her feet while running.

We didn’t say much while we lifted. I could tell she was thinking about something though because she kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye.

After we finished working out, I went and took a shower since I was starting to feel pretty gross. After my shower, I saw my sister still sitting in the cubicle staring off into space. I guess she showered after I did. I left her alone since I could tell she had something on her mind and wanted to talk about it when she was ready.

We ended the day like we started it, in the kitchen. This time though, we talked about what we were going to do for fun over the weekend.

My sister didn’t have any plans since the rest of her campus was on break so she spent most of her free time at home. I suggested that she come to the gym with me when I go since I knew she needed to get out more often. She thought it was a good idea so I told her I would be taking her with me from now on whether she liked it or not.

“There are some things in life you can do alone and some things you should do with others, going to the gym is one of those things that you should do with other people.”

Well can I at least do some things by myself?”

“No, not really. I’m making a list and you’re going to do everything on it.”

We ended the day with dinner and then went to our separate rooms since we had an early class the next day.

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Over the weekend and for the rest of the month, I continued taking my sister out with me. We went to the gym to lift weights together on Friday afternoons.

We went out to eat on Saturday evenings and we spent Sunday afternoons just walking around the city and going to various places of interest. My sister also started bringing some of her schoolwork with her on Sundays so we could stay at coffee shops for longer periods of time.

She also warmed up to me more as time went on. She started initiating hugs, holding my hand, and sitting on my lap.

It felt good to have a bit of physical contact again. I’m not sure when she started to change her attitude towards me but it must’ve been one of the times that I wasn’t paying attention because it didn’t happen overnight.

I was beginning to think that she had started to revert back to how she was before. She was smiling a lot more and being talkative.

I would catch her singing sometimes when she thought I wasn’t listening.

I could tell she was happier in general and I was glad to see that she was feeling better but I still didn’t know how to feel about the changes. Part of me just wanted things to go back to the way they used to be.

My life was stable and predictable. My sister did what I told her to do and that was that. We didn’t hang out all the time but when we did, it was fairly enjoyable because I knew what to expect.


I don’t know. The more time I spent with her, the more I began to like her newfound personality. Don’t get me wrong, there were still times where I wanted to strangle her for being so…lively. Who am I kidding, I wanted to do that before as well.

However, there were more times that I found myself just wanting to be around her. When we went out to eat on Saturday nights, I would find that I was having a more enjoyable time than I normally would if I went out with my friends.

It still wasn’t my favorite thing to do but I could force myself to do it now. As long as my sister was with me, I felt…happy.

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