Yoga Sequences, Cycle 1 – Vinyasa Flow: Week 2, Day 2

Vinyasa Flow Sequence (Day 2)

The first day of your practice is always the most difficult. You have to get into a good rhythm with yourself and focus on relaxing and focusing on your breath.

Your mind will wander all over the place during this time, but it’s important not to let it do so too much because if you don’t take control of your thoughts, they’ll start to affect what you’re doing in any way possible.

Here are some tips to help you get through the first day of your practice:

1. Take a break every once in awhile.

If you feel like your mind is going crazy or getting stuck on one thought, just take a few minutes out of the session to step away from it for a moment and come back to it later when you’re ready. Doing this will give your mind time to cool off and allow you to return to what’s being practiced.

2. Try to relax your body.

Don’t try to force anything; just let go and breathe naturally.

Yoga Sequences, Cycle 1 - Vinyasa Flow: Week 2, Day 2 - | Gym Fit Workout

3. Focus on the sensations of your breath.

When you notice a particular sensation arise in your nostrils, throat, chest, abdomen or anywhere else in between, pay attention to it and note it down for future reference. This will help you stay focused on what’s happening right now rather than thinking about how you want to move or where you want to put your hands next.

4. If you’re having a really difficult time focusing, try humming or chanting to yourself during the session.

All of these tips should help you get through your first few days of practice. Remember that it’s perfectly okay to take a break if you need it.

Let’s talk about Day 2 of your practice today. Try doing all of the same things you did yesterday, but focus on a different area of your body such as your legs or arms.

Always begin with conscious breathing before doing anything else.

Even if you don’t notice it, you should feel a difference in your body from yesterday’s practice. You’re beginning to get into the routine and learning how to relax your body and mind.

Continue to practice like this for the next few days, and try to focus on a different part of your body each day.

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