Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls vs. Lacrosse Balls vs. Foam Rollers

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball

What Is A Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball?

A yoga tune up ball is a small, plastic or ceramic device used to stretch muscles and loosen tight knots in your body. They are designed to help improve flexibility and strengthen your core. These devices have been around since the 1970’s and they’ve become popular with athletes looking for ways to get their bodies ready for training camp or competition.

How Do You Use Them?

You put one of these things inside your shoes before going out into the world. Then you walk around like you’re wearing nothing at all! (If it helps, try putting them in your socks!) When you feel pain, just roll them over and over again until they start feeling good again. This will keep your feet from hurting while keeping your joints loose and flexible. They come in different sizes so there’s something for everyone!

Why Are They Good For You?

These things work great because they don’t hurt your feet. They also help relieve tension in your lower back and neck. Also, if you have any sort of arthritis or other joint problems, these things can really help. If you suffer from tendonitis or tendinosis, then these things can help alleviate some of the symptoms. Some people even use them to treat injuries such as plantar fasciitis or tennis elbow. If you have any type of exercise equipment at your house, these things are great for that too!

Where Can You Buy Them?

These things are actually really cheap so you should buy a bunch of them and just give them away as gifts. (

Maybe put them in some decorative bags or something?

) Not only that, but they make excellent stocking stuffers for the holidays or get well gifts when people are sick. You can find these things at your local sporting goods store, online, or even through an infomercial.

Benefits Of Using A Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball

These things are great for your feet which will help you avoid foot fungus and other problems! (They’re especially good for people who spend a lot of time on their feet). Rolling these things around helps loosen up your muscles which is really important to athletes and people who have a lot of exercise equipment at their house.

Where Can You Buy A Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball?

You can buy these things just about anywhere exercise or medical equipment is sold. They’re also available online and you can even order them from an infomercial if you really wanted to. These things are really cheap so it’s not like you have anything to lose!

Are They Good For Athletes?

These things are especially good for athletes because they help keep your muscles loose and your legs flexible. It also helps take away some of the stress from your feet so you can prevent problems like plantar fasciitis and other ailments related to your feet.

Where Can You Find A Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball?

These things are available at most sporting goods stores as well as through online retailers. You can even order them from an infomercial if you really wanted to. They’re really cheap too so it’s not like you have anything to lose!

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball FAQ


Do these things help with back problems?

A. Yes! If you have any sort of back problems, then these things can help keep your back limber and flexible. This helps take the strain off of your back so you can move around comfortably.


Do these help with knee pain?

A. They sure do! These things are especially good if you have any sort of knee injury or issues. If you want to get your circulation going and keep your leg muscles limber, then these things are a must.


Are these things easy to pack?

A. Yes! If you travel a lot and like to workout in hotel rooms, then you’ll love these things. They take up hardly any room at all and you can easily pack them for vacation or business trips. Pack them in your suitcase or even in your carry on!

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