You Are Missing the Point With Your Complexes

You are missing the point with your complexes

The purpose of this post is not to debate or argue about whether you should use a certain exercise or set up. That’s a different discussion entirely.

What I want to do here is provide some insight into why it might make sense to avoid using complexes when trying to build muscle mass.

A complex is a group of exercises performed in succession. There are many reasons why one might choose to perform multiple sets of a given exercise.

For example, you may have limited time and/or money so you might decide to focus on only performing three sets per exercise instead of four. Or perhaps you’re training for aesthetics (i.e., how much muscle will my physique look like?) and you want to increase the amount of weight used during each set. The choice is yours!

However, there are two main reasons why I believe that you shouldn’t use complexes:

1) Complexes are boring.

If you don’t enjoy doing them, then they aren’t going to work for you. They won’t give you any benefit and will probably cause burnout if done too often.

You need variety in your workouts. Complexes just don’t offer enough variety to keep your mind engaged long enough to get results from them.

2) You can achieve the same results with exercises that are more engaging.

For example, you could perform a set of push-ups, then wait a minute before performing your next set. This is going to give you a little bit of rest and keep you from getting bored during your workout.

You Are Missing the Point With Your Complexes - at GYMFITWORKOUT

You could also spend a little extra time working on your core (e.g.

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