You are the Problem, Not the Fitness Industry

You Are The Problem, Not the Fitness Industry

The fitness industry is broken. A lot of people have different opinions about it, but they all agree that there are some major issues with the industry. There are many reasons why the fitness industry is broken: lack of innovation; lack of creativity; lack of customer service; low quality products; high prices and so on… But let’s start from the beginning.

What exactly is wrong with the fitness industry?

Let’s see.

1) Lack of Innovation

There are no new ideas or innovations in the fitness industry. No one is innovating anymore. Yes, there are some companies that try to innovate, but they fail miserably every time because they don’t have enough money or resources (and most importantly, they aren’t creative). The problem with the fitness industry isn’t its lack of innovation; it’s that it lacks any kind of creativity at all!

2) Lack of Creativity

Creative people don’t make money in the fitness industry. People who are creative usually have other jobs, like doctors, lawyers or engineers. And those kinds of people do not make much money either.


Because they need to produce something useful and profitable for their company first before they can spend their own money on creating anything interesting.

So how does someone become a doctor?

By getting good grades in school.

What does this have to do with the fitness industry?

It’s all about getting good grades so you can have a well-paying job later in life.

3) Lack of Customer Service

The fitness industry doesn’t care about its customers, they only care about how much money they can make. Which is another reason why the industry is so boring and stale. It’s all about the money. Let’s say you go into a fitness store to buy some new supplements. The person behind the counter is sitting there texting and not paying any attention to you at all.

You try to get his attention several times by saying “excuse me” but he doesn’t hear you or pretends that he didn’t hear you.

You aren’t going to go back to that store again. That store doesn’t care about its customers and that’s why you won’t buy anything from them again. However, this is just one example of terrible customer service in the industry. It happens all the time. And when it does happen, people are not going to go back to that store ever again.

You are the Problem, Not the Fitness Industry - from our website

4) Overpriced Products

The products are too expensive. Not only that, but they don’t work or they are unnecessary for your goals. A lot of these supplements are a complete WASTE OF MONEY. They don’t do anything. If they did work, then every single person who bought them would have a perfect body and be able to run a marathon, lift a car or have superpowers.

But this isn’t the case because these supplements are BULLSHIT. Most of the time, the people who sell these products are not even qualified to be selling them.

5) Low Quality Products

Why buy something that’s low quality when you can pay the same price for something of higher quality?

The fitness industry has a lack of quality products.

Think about it, would you rather buy a cheap pair of running shoes that will only last you a month or would you rather buy a more expensive pair that will last you half a year to a year?

Of course you’re going to buy the better pair of shoes because you’re not a complete idiot who values money over their own well-being. This is what the fitness industry doesn’t understand. People want quality products, not cheap crap that they have to buy over and over again.

The Solution to Most of These Problems

Unfortunately, most of these problems are too deeply rooted in the very fabric of our society. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t fix laziness. You can’t stop people from buying overpriced and low quality products, even if they’re sold by idiots. And you can’t make people be creative or caring when they don’t have those qualities in the first place.

However, there is ONE thing you can do and it’s actually the only thing that matters…

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