You Cannot Crunch Your Way to Abs: Science Says So

You cannot crunch your way to abs.

The science says so!

Here’s why:

“It’s not enough just to have big muscles; they must be trained properly.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Let me tell you what I think is going on with the “crunching” craze. There are two main reasons why people are doing it wrong. First, there is no scientific evidence that shows that crunching actually makes you stronger. Second, there is no evidence at all that suggests that it will make you any fitter or healthier than someone who doesn’t do it.

I’m not saying the latter isn’t true (it probably is), but if it was true then everyone would be doing it and getting bigger biceps and triceps every day. That simply isn’t the case!

So what does this mean?

Well, it means that you don’t need to do anything other than go out and lift weights. If you want to look better naked, then go ahead and wear a tight t-shirt and shorts. But if you’re looking for some extra muscle mass without lifting weights, then I suggest you stop doing it.

I’ll say that again.

Stop crunching if you want to look better naked.

If you have been doing the 1,000 crunches a night routine and have seen no changes, then you now have an excuse to stop doing it (not that you need one). All those sit-ups and crunches are just making your belly bigger. So I guess it can be a good thing if your goal is to look fatter!

Another thing that is important to note is that sit-ups are only one part of getting a lean strong midsection. So even if you do stop crunching, you’ll still be able to see your abs because you’ll have the muscle to go with it.

If you want big muscles, then you need to lift really heavy things off the floor. If you’re interested in getting lean and having abs, then you need to lift really light things off the floor repeatedly.

But what about “functional training”, such as carrying your children or lifting them over your head?

Yes, this still counts as lifting something off the floor, but the point is that you won’t get bulky muscles from doing this. If anything, you’ll probably get stronger and have more energy.

You Cannot Crunch Your Way to Abs: Science Says So - at GYMFITWORKOUT

The key to having a six pack is having low body fat and muscle. If you have both of those, then you’ll see your six pack. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to get abs, then you need to lift light things off the floor

It really is that simple and can be done in 60 seconds. I’ll get into more detail below about how exactly you should do this, but the main thing is that you shouldn’t be doing anything that will stress out your spine. Most exercises that you’ll find in the gym are fine, but you just need to focus on the “Core” and make sure you’re doing exercises that work your abs from all angles.

So why is crunching bad?

As I’ve already said, it’s bad for your spine. When you crunch, your spine is pushed into an unnatural position which can lead to lower back pain and injuries. It can also lead to poor posture which can become a habit and can cause you to hunch over as you get older.

Your abdominal muscles are only one part of having a six pack. You also need to focus on your obliques (the sides of your abs) and your back. The best way to do this is by using proper form when doing crunches or sit-ups and by focusing on lifting light things off the floor with good form.

Forums are great for finding advice and information, but one thing I’ve noticed is that people tend to over-exaggerate how effective certain exercises are. In particular, there’s a lot of people that claim that doing tons of crunches (or other ab exercises) will make you ripped.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of people tend to only do one exercise and then blame their lack of results on their genetics. There’s a lot more that goes into getting a six pack than just exercise. The right nutrition is super important. Genetics can play a role as well. Perhaps most importantly, you need to be active and you need to be lean (or at least lose weight).

You can’t just sit around eating fast food and pizza and then do one ab exercise and expect to see your six pack pop right out.

The fact is, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to get a six pack. There’s also a lot of bogus products and programs that make outrageous claims. Truth is, getting a six pack is really simple. You need to eat right and exercise properly.

You Cannot Crunch Your Way to Abs: Science Says So - GYM FIT WORKOUT

I’ve been lifting for over ten years now and I have a pretty good understanding of proper form when it comes to working out. I’ve tried a lot of different programs and products and I’ve found what works and what is just a waste of time and money.

And this guide is based on everything that I’ve learned along the way. It’s not a get-ripped-quick scheme, it’s real advice and it’s based on real science.

With this guide, or “manual”, you’ll learn how to get a six pack quickly and effectively.

Is This Program For You?

This program is for any man or woman that wants to get a six pack, but doesn’t want to go through the hassle of following stupid fad diets or doing tons of cardio and regular ab exercises that don’t work.

This program is great for both men and women because women tend to have different bodies than men and follow different exercise programs. This ab routine is meant to complement any other workout you might do (if at all).

How Is This Program Different?

The program that I’ve laid out for you is going to focus on getting you the best results as fast as possible. A lot of people sell programs that are pretty much a bunch of common sense. They tell you to eat less and do more sit-ups. Thanks, Captain Obvious!

This program is different because it’s based on science and research. I’ve done the research and found out what is the most effective way to work your abdominal muscles.

Not only that, but I’ve also included a nutrition plan. It’s very simple and not complicated at all. In fact, it’s based on common sense and real nutrition science.

What You’ll Learn In This Program

How Your Abdominal Muscles Work

Research has shown that there are two different types of abdominal muscles. These are the internal and external obliques. They work together to allow for twisting motions and help to support the spine and trunk of the body.

You can see how working these muscles will help keep your back strong and prevent injuries. These muscles also tend to respond better to certain exercises.

You’re probably already familiar with sit-ups and how they train the muscles in your stomach, but they actually don’t train the internal and external obliques very well.

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