You Don’t Need Motivation, You Need Discipline

Motivation: A word used to describe a person’s desire or drive to perform something.

Discipline: A term used to describe a set of rules or guidelines which one follows in order to achieve some goal.

Mentality: The way that we think and act based on our past experiences and emotions. It is the foundation upon which all other aspects of life are built up.

The Psychology of Motivation:

When it comes to motivation, there are two types of people; those who have no motivation and those who do. Those with no motivation are usually referred to as ‘losers’. They don’t want anything in their lives and they aren’t going to change because they feel like it. These people tend not to succeed in any aspect of life.

On the other hand, there are those who have no motivation but they still try hard at things. These people are known as achievers. They strive towards goals and they will work very hard to reach them.

Why Do Some People Have No Motivation?

It’s possible that these individuals lack confidence in themselves and thus they don’t believe that they can accomplish anything in life. It’s also possible that they have a sense of apathy which has been embedded in their mind from a young age.

These people need to be motivated. They need to understand that they can reach goals and it is completely possible to do so. It may not be easy, but nothing is worth having unless you work hard for it.

Why Do Some People Have Too Much Motivation?

People who have too much motivation are usually called ‘over-achievers’. These are the types of people who strive for perfection. No matter what they do in life, they want to be the best at it. While this type of motivation is good, it can also become a hindrance to their success.

These people need to learn to relax and not put so much pressure on themselves. If they could just learn to chill out and take things as they come, then they would have more fun in life and probably achieve even more than they already do.

What Is the Opposite of Motivation?

The opposite of motivation is called ‘laziness’. This is a condition in which an individual lacks both the ambition and effort required to succeed at anything. These people suffer from a lack of willpower and often rely on others to get them through life. They probably have a job, but they’re not going to get very far in their careers due to their lack of ambition.

What Does Motivation Mean?

Motivation can be defined in two ways. The first definition is an internal state of being which drives us towards our life goals. It gives us the ambition and confidence to achieve what we want.

The second definition is a set of outside factors which force us to do something. Typically, these factors are in the form of rewards or punishments, which are used to control our behavior.

Do We Need Motivation?

We need both types of motivation in order to achieve what we want out of life. The first type is a must because without it, we would have no ambition and never try to improve ourselves. The second type is good because it helps reinforce the goals that we want to achieve.

What Is the Difference Between Motivation and Drive?

Motivation and drive are two words that are commonly confused with each other. In fact, some people use these words interchangeably. However, there is a clear difference between the two concepts.

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Motivation is an emotion or feeling which causes us to act a certain way. It can’t be seen or touched, but it is still a powerful force in our lives. An example of motivation would be the confidence you have when speaking in front of a large crowd. You are filled with a sense of nervousness and excitement, which motivates you to do well. You desire to impress everyone and want them to like you.

Drive is an internal psychological force which pushes us towards achieving our goals. This is similar to motivation in the sense that it causes us to act a certain way. However, drive is stronger than motivation and can affect our behavior on a deeper level. An example of drive would be the passion you have for your favorite sports team. You wake up everyday just wanting to talk about them or read news about them.

You even buy clothes and accessories that display your love for them. This is all due to your internal drive to support your favorite team.

What Can Motivation Do For You?

Motivation can help you achieve success in any field that you perform at. Your confidence and ambition will allow you to try new things and put forth a valiant effort. Even if you fail, you will have learned something and be better for it.

What Can Drive Do For You?

Drive is an even stronger force than motivation. It can help you to achieve your goals faster than you normally would. While motivation pushes you towards success, drive propels you ahead of everyone else and makes it impossible for failure to catch up to you. This is because drive taps into your subconscious mind and changes your limiting beliefs about yourself.

How to Develop a Powerful Drive

The most important thing that you need to develop a powerful drive is a strong motivation. This is because your drive will be nothing more than a reflection of your internal motivations. When you truly believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve your goals, then you develop an unbreakable desire to see them come true. All of this power originates from within you, so there is nothing that can hold you back. This is the type of passion and determination that you need to fuel your drive.

Next, you need to program your subconscious mind to believe in yourself. You do this through visualization and affirmation techniques. The more you visualize yourself achieving your goals, the more likely you are to believe that they will occur. Likewise, if you tell yourself that you will succeed, then your mind believes it. Once again, this all stems from your subconscious which controls 95% of your actions and behaviors.

The second thing that you need is a strong sense of direction. This means knowing what you want to achieve and having a plan on how you are going to do it. It is useless to have a strong motivation if you don’t know where to direct it. You need something to aim for and a reason why you want to achieve it. By telling it what to do through visualization and affirmation, you program it to work for you.

This is what gives your goals significance and pushes you towards them. Without a sense of direction, then your goals will lack meaning and you will lose the motivation to even want achieve them.

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The third thing that you need is flexibility. It is important to be adaptable to the unexpected challenges that you will face. Many people fail at what they do because they are unable to modify their plans. They become obsessed with one specific way to do things and disregard anything else.

Last, but not least, you need to remove any doubt from your mind. Doubt is a weakness that can be very detrimental to your development. It plants the seeds of failure into your mind before you even have a chance to succeed. It will cause you to procrastinate and it will cause you to hesitate during critical moments. You must believe that you will succeed and that you deserve to achieve your goals.

Great minds are open-minded and willing to listen to advice. If your direction in life is strong, then you won’t have a problem being flexible with the methods in which you use to get there.

The fourth thing that you need is courage. Courage is needed to see yourself through difficult challenges and confrontations. It will give you the willpower to try again when things don’t go as planned.

How to Program Your Mind for Powerful Drive

The first thing that you need to do is to sit in a comfortable chair and get in a trance. This is because you need to access your subconscious mind, while still being fully aware of your actions. Once you are seated, breathe in deeply and slowly. Count to four as you breathe in, then hold the breath for another four counts, then release it for another four counts. It is the force that drives you to overcome your internal limitations.

It is what makes you brave enough to aim high and reach great heights. You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone and place yourself in the line of fire. In time, courage will be instinctive and it will push you into taking risks.

The fifth thing that you need is support. No matter who you are or what you do, you cannot achieve your goals alone. Do this three times, then move on to the next step.

The second thing that you need to do is visualize yourself achieving your goal or going through the motions of whatever it is that you want to do. If you need to create a business, then see yourself starting it and running it successfully. See the people come to you for your services. See them enjoy what you have to offer and see them pay you for your time and effort. Your friends and family are there to support you and help you achieve your goals in life.

You must never forget that and always be thankful for the support that they give to you. Many people sabotage themselves by not recognizing the help that is available to them. You must be thankful for the help that others give you so that you may succeed.

The sixth thing that you need is endurance. It takes time to achieve your goals. You cannot expect to reach them overnight. See yourself achieving celebrity or notoriety if that is your goal. See yourself in the future, doing what it is that you want to do and reaching the goals that you have set out for yourself.

Do this every night for at least two hours, but no more than six. Never ever go over six hours of trance in a single day, or you will risk burning yourself out, which could have dire consequences.

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The third thing that you need is confidence. You must believe that you will achieve your goal. Do not expect failure, but if it happens, do not be discouraged. Know that you will achieve your goal someday and that each day brings you one day closer to your goal. You cannot allow doubt to creep into your mind.

Doubt is the enemy and it will prevent you from reaching your maximum potential.

The seventh thing that you need is support groups. These are people that you can talk to about your troubles. They will listen and give sound advice, as well as provide encouragement. These people are an extension of you support network and are just as important. Without them you would never reach your goals.

The final thing that you need is self-hypnosis each night before you go to sleep. This is so you can reinforce what you have learned that day. You will begin to notice that it gets easier to achieve these altered states of consciousness. They do not have to be people that you know personally, as you can get very good advice from online message boards or even books. In many cases, it can be better to discuss your plans with someone that you do not know because they often give better advice than friends or family who simply tell you what you want to hear.

This is a good thing and shows that you are making progress.

Now that you know what you need, it is time to go out and get it!

You now know all the information that you need to begin your journey down the path of enlightenment. It is completely up to you to achieve your maximum potential. Remember that this is a lifelong process and that you should always strive to learn new things and reach for greater heights!

Now that you know what you need to achieve your goals, let us begin. Take a deep breath and relax. Lie back in your bed, get comfortable and close your eyes. I am going to guide you through this process so do not worry. Before we begin, I want you to visualize the eyelids of your mind.

See them in your mind’s eye. The left one is green and black and rusted over. It has a large crack down the middle. There are no limits to what you can achieve.

Good luck and have fun!

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